Tuesday, 27 May 2014


I'm so very excited because I bought a GoPro on Friday! (Yes, impulsive tendencies whoops!) I couldn't justify the price originally, however after searching through loads of YouTube videos I just became so excited that I decided I had to have one! 

I bought the GoPro 3+ Silver edition and so far have a floating pole and a helmet attachment to use with it. It'll be great to get some action shots on holiday, from motorbiking to rafting. Watching these videos on YouTube has made me become obsessed with the idea of cliff jumping and bungee jumping.  Again... This doesn't seem like a very sensible idea given I have a lack of judgement when it comes to safety, however, I only plan on going to well-established companies for bungee jumping, and cliff jumping after someone else has tested it first! 

Not long left now! Excitement is at a whole new level. 

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