Sunday, 29 March 2015

Backpacker Essentials!

All items I am talking about can be found below, and I have used these on my travels - highly recommended :). Unfortunately if you have ad-blocker on, you won't be able to see the items I have linked so just right click on your ad-blocker to disable it for this page.
  • Travel towel - Convenient, compact and quick to dry! Saves you having to pay a fee to borrow towels at every hostel, or even having to go without when none are available.

  • Sleeping bag liner - Although places will pretty much always supply you with bedding, we found these came in handy on long journeys when the air condition was on too strong and we lacked a jumper. Also, in the really dirty hostels it was nice to have something else to sleep with.

  • Wet wipes - A saviour when you accidentally have the green label from the sprite bottle rub off all over you! (Yep, that happened to me, stained everything green!). They always come in handy, even if to wipe away that lovely sweat at the end of the day!

  • Torch: Really useful when running back from your hostel around 2am when you've finished partying because you're scared of wild murderers... Also, when you're trying to find stuff in your backpack when everyone is asleep and you can't turn on the light.

  • Adapter: Travel adapter is obvious but often forgotten. Try to make sure it's relatively small as it's hard to cram loads of complex travel adapters into one small extension chord in hostels. The one listed below is great because sometimes not all plugs are the ones you would assume in those countries. It's hard to find out on the internet and so this way, with an adapter for every country included, you can rest assured you'll be able to charge your essentials.

  • Bank pin sentry reader: This sounds like a silly thing to bring, but it is impossible to see how much money you've spent unless your bank is available in that country. I found out the nearest branch was the middle of India... totally useless! The entire trip I had to roughly guess and keep a close eye on my expenses. I forgot my pin sentry reader so couldn't log onto online banking to find out.

  • A padlock: This is required in many hostels if you want to lock away your possessions, if not, you'll have to carry them on you at all times! Also, a numbered one is best because you don't have to worry about losing the key for it.

  • Strong mosquito repellent: I 100% recommend this repellent. Although it does rub off things like nail polish and paint, the reason it does is because it is very strong and will certainly keep them away! Warning though, you are left greasy afterwards.

  • Money belt: It is really small and subtle and will fit easily under any clothing, even a tiny pair of fabric shorts. It is made to be really discreet. Any larger and it's easy to tell you're wearing one. You need these for the cities as we heard of many people who had their bags stolen of their shoulders by people on motorbikes and lost their money as a result. Sometimes I even carried my passport in it. It also doubled up nicely as a bag on a night out. Instead of carrying one around, I just shoved my money in here.

  • Rain cover, coat & dry-bags: 
    • Make sure your rucksack has a built in rain cover, or you have bought one to fit round it. Ensure it is the same litre as your pack, else it won't fit properly. 
    • It rains a lot in SE-A, so it also makes sense to have a really lightweight raincoat. Problem is, it is still VERY humid, but you will get soaked and just feel sticky all over.
    • Dry bags are perfect for putting all of your belongings into your backpack and keeping them safe if you do happen to get your bag very wet. They also double up as a place to put some valuables when you're going on a trip involving water. Just make sure first that they are secured tightly else water will ruin your valuables! It's also useful for finding things in your backpack if you buy several smaller ones of different colours - this way you don't have to open every bag to find your clean underwear for example!

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