Monday, 30 June 2014

Cable cart in Langkawi

Today I decided, despite the rain, I'd try to see some of Langkawi before I made a quick escape. I ended up hiring a moped for 35 MYR (7 pounds), and did a 50 miles round trip to the cable cart. It was much further than I imagined but the views were stunning!

Although the rain was painful to ride through as it hit you so hard and fast, I was having the time of my life on my moped, zoooominggggg along. I've found that I talk to myself a lot more now I'm travelling alone... Since I don't have anyone to turn to to tell them how beautiful it is, I just say it out loud to myself. I also sing along to myself... I typically chose 'LIFE IS A HIGHWAAYYYYY, GOTTA RIDE IT ALL NIGHT LONG', whilst I ride haha. I must look like a total nutter. I love riding mopeds though, and it all felt so surreal, driving through rural malaysia on a moped singing to myself...

To get up to the cable carts it was 35 MYR (another 7 pounds), but it was worth it. View was beautiful!

By the time I got back I was drenched then the hotel owners drove me to the ferry where I caught the 5pm boat to Penang. It took 3 hours and it was the coldest I have ever been I'm sure! It cost 65 MYR (13 pounds). The air conditioning was on ridiculously high I had to dig out my leggings and hoody and hold a scarf around my head to keep me warm. I ended up reading a whole book on my kindle on the ferry... It was really good!

Getting to Georgetown, Penang I let out a huge sigh of relief. I found out that Langkawi was not like the rest of Malaysia at all... Langkawi was very rural and the people were really poor, definite third world island. It was really sad to see and hard knowing you couldn't help all of them. Penang, on the other hand, is a pumping city full of life, traffic and hostels with westerners.

When I got to the ferry port I had no idea where I was going to stay, I remember reading 'Love Lane' somewhere on Hostelbookers so asked to go there in hope of finding a hostel. Luckily I strolled across this absolute gem of a hostel called '80s hostel'. It mixes the old with the new so nicely! I'm currently using their free to rent MacBook in the lobby which is great.

I decided to go for a stroll to see the area and ended up at Reggae Bar getting a pizza and garlic bread then meeting some girls from my hostel by coincidence. There were free drinks for girls till 10pm so we had some of them and then just continued drinking until midnight when I decided to head back to the hostel as I realised not a lot was going to happen and I was wasting my money on alcohol as it's a lot more expensive here than Thailand as the country is Muslims so have high taxes on it.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Rain in Malaysia? No thank-you!

I got up and went over to the taxi rank, only to find out they were going to completely rip me off but there was nothing I could do about it because I am travelling solo and they knew they were the only taxi company in the area. If I was travelling with someone else like last year, the main benefit is that you can split the cost. For example last night I paid 10 pounds for a hotel room because it was a double... And then today I had to pay 10 pounds for a taxi, both of which could have been split with someone else had they been there.

It took 30 minutes to get to the ferry port and it started chucking it down on the way. The first rain I've had my whole 2 weeks so far. This is not a good start! The Malaysian people seem very rude and impatient so far. I hope this improves I really do!

So... How to get from Phuket to Langkawi?
- Bus to Hat Yai: 650 baht/ 13 pounds.
- Hat Yai to Alor Setar: 500 baht/ 10 pounds
- Ferry port: 18 MYR/ 3.50 pounds.

I had the added cost of getting to the ferry port because I wasn't in Alor Setar which was 50 MYR/ 10 pounds.

Overall the trip cost me 36.50 pounds! So expensive when I could have flown to KL for that price. The only problem with flying from Kota beach in Phuket in KL is that the taxi to the airport from the beach was 20 pounds alone, meaning it pushed the price of the flight up to 50 pounds and I would have missed the places I wanted to go along the way! It's so stupid that I could get to Hat Yai, a 10 hour bus... half the price of getting to the airport, a 2 hour bus. Crazy Asians.

The ferry crossing was fine, and when I got here it cost 10 MYR to get to my hotel, Havana hotel. It's a total tip but it's a place to stay. I had to wait 30 minutes at reception as I couldn't find anyone. I'm not sure anyone else is even staying in the hotel tbh! If the weather doesn't improve, I might leave tomorrow. Who knows. I hate that I'm the only westerner here. I know it's nice to get off the beaten track, but it's awfully creepy! I'm going to rent a moped later and explore the island.

**Update 10pm**

Well... That was an eventful evening. My favourite way to see a place is by foot, so I decided to walk to McDonalds as Ive been craving it since I left the UK haha. I got up Google maps on my iPad and began follow directions, a supposed twenty minute walk.

Along the way I stumbled upon a food market filled with Malaysians buying dinner. Again, I was the only westerner so I was constantly gawked at. The place smelt wonderful and it was so busy and authentic! For a crazy moment I almost thought about getting food there instead of McDonalds... I ended up just getting a slice of chocolate cake and 2 oranges. 

I continued along the path google maps advised me to take and I soon found myself following a never ending road being glared at by every passerby and weaving my way in and out weeds along the river bank where the path had overgrown. It was actually really frightening as I had no idea where I was really. However, the scenery was beautiful and the fog settling down made for a picturesque landscape. 

I ended up walking through some rural housing estate confused and lost. I could see a building I wanted to get to, but there were fences everywhere so I kept aimlessly strolling along, flicking mud up the back of my legs the entire time. Eventually, I made it back to somewhere that had people around and realised where I was. I wasn't going to give up till I found this McDonald's and had my meal!

That was... Until the storm tarted and the heavens opened... Pouring heir entire contents on me. I was soaked through and desperate to get someone dry. So, reluctant and hungry, I headed back to the hotel feeling very defeated. I ate my slice of cake and am now just reading till I sleep.

It was such a surreal moment walking through the housing estate knowing that I hadn't seen a white person the whole day, I know it's weird, but I've never had that before! I laughed when I looked at my reflection in the mirror when it was chucking it down with rain. My jacket reads 'start the adventure'... And that I am!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Thailand to Malaysia by land: Dangers of Solo Travel

Well... I have learnt the downside to travelling solo today.

The bus picked me up outside my hostel at 6:30am, then drove round collecting people in Phuket for 2 hours! I ended up taking a Valium and pretty much sleeping till my drop off point at 4pm. When I got to Hat Yai, I couldn't find the large bus station the guide books talk about that have cheap transport... nor could the two other western girls on the bus with me. In the end, we just had to settle for the only tour company in the area and pay a ridiculous price to get across the border. They charged me 500 baht to get to Langkawi... or so I thought...

The next mini bus came at 4:30 and again, circled around collecting people for over an hour before setting off. We eventually reached the border, and as usual, nobody spoke English and we had no idea what we were doing! Eventually the mini bus found us and yelled at us a bit, but we didn't know what he was saying.

When in Malaysia, he drove for an hour before telling me to get out and get a taxi to Langkawi, assuring me it would be fine... I wanted to be in Alor Setar to cross, but I defintley wasn't... There was no use in arguing as he couldn't understand me... I saw the bus/ taxi stand and got out and wandered over. The taxi drivers told me the ferry to Langkawi had already stopped and there wasn't one until 8am. It was currently 8pm. I began panicking because I had no local currency, no idea where I was, and no idea what I was going to do.

I went to the cash point and my card was rejected. Great. I only had US dollars and Thai Baht. I ended up going over to KFC, the only place in the area, and facetiming my mum just crying my eyes out. Here I was, in a strange deserted country with no westerners around and nobody who could speak English with no money, no place to stay, and the potential of sleeping on the streets till morning came round. I was a mess!

In the end, I was able to google a close hotel, turns out around the side of KFC there was a small motel and I had no choice but to try my luck with a foreign currency. Thankfully, there was a female on the other side with her daughter and she could tell I'd be crying and was stressed out. She reluctantly accepted my money, charging me way more than she should, and gave me MYR in change!

I managed to get on the phone to Barclays and sort out the card issue. It took 30 minutes on hold to finally get through! But eventually I could go withdraw money, get food, and then cosy up in bed and wait out the night till I could get a ferry to Langkawi.

Literally the scariest moment ever. Gah!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Surfing in Phuket/ Danger mouse

Today I finally learnt to surf, something I've always dreamed of being able to do! Admittedly it turns out I'm shit at it as again, I have no arm muscles to push myself up... But, I had a lot of fun nonetheless! Unfortunately I don't have any photos of it because I didn't want to take my camera to the beach. I woke at midday and decided to head straight to the beach, and some guy on the side of the beach was offering lessons so I took them.

The problem was, the waves were getting bigger and bigger as the afternoon progressed making it more and more difficult to learn to surf. Eventually, I had so much water in my eyes and mouth that I decided to call it a day and sun bathe instead. The beach is a nice area as it was very clean, well maintained, and not too busy.

After I headed back to the hostel, showered and got ready, I went out for dinner with 3 Canadians for pizza, then to an awesome Sundae shop where I got an oreo overload! WOOHOO. Back at the hostel we watched Little Miss Sunshine then went to this bar called Surf Shack as they were doing free sessions for females on a Friday night between 9 and 11pm. Sessions usually cost £20 for an hour, so it was a great deal! We grabbed a few drinks and had great fun watching and participating in the simulated waves. It's much easier than normal surfing, but hurts a hell of a lot more when you fall and smash your head (as I did many times)!

Eventually I headed back to the hostel at 10:30pm because I needed to pack as at the last minute I decided I wanted to leave for Malaysia. I managed to find a stand that would take me to Hat Yai, a place by the border. As this picture from the UK gov website shows, they advise against all but essential travel to this area because extremists are supposedly plotting to target westerns. I'm a little scared, but I always assume everything will go well. Whoops!

On the downside, I spent so much money today. The surf lesson was £24, and then at dinner I spent £8. I also spent £4 on Valium and then bought a ticket to Hat Yai for £13. Whoops. Anyway, wish me luck for tomorrow!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Maya Bay, The Beach.

Shit, I really need to move on and make it to Malaysia soon! I've spent far longer than intended on Thailand. Then again... Last year I learnt if you're having fun, don't rush leaving!

Anyway this morning at 9:30am I left for a half day island tour at 400 baht (£8), including lunch and breakfast. The girls went on the trip yesterday whilst I rock climbed, and I don't want to stay another day on the island so decided to squeeze it in this morning before Phuket. 

We visited Viking cave and Maya Bay/ Koh phi phi leh, where the Leonardo Decaprio film, 'The Beach' was filmed. It looks nothing like the film I'll be honest... They missed the fields of weed :'( haha. It was the most dangerous place to get to as well. You had to climb up this netting stuff with strong waves pushing you back. Health and safety in England would have had a fit!

The snorkelling we did was great fun because they threw out pieces of bread, and the fish then swarmed around you. It was overwhelming but awesome! We also visited monkey island where shit loads of monkeys got onto the boat trying to grab food. I ran away from the monkeys because I don't have a rabies jab. Also, they're super evil here and just steal everything!

The boat to Phuket cost 300 baht (£6) and takes an hour and a half. The boat was pretty big and the air conditioning was great. I spent the time editing videos on my iPad. When I arrived in Phuket, it was unfortunately time to say goodbye to the girls! After, I got a mini bus that took an hour to get to Fin Hostel on Kota beach. There was a screaming baby the whole way that was driving me mental in my drowsy tired state. 

I was so relieved when I got to the hostel and it turned out to be amazing. Perfect air conditioning, huge lounge area with a pull down screen about 3m long to watch a whole load of movies on with bean bags around it. The room also has an amazing bathroom and shower area that are so tidy. There is even a kitchen here if you want to cook and save money. Perfect!

Anyway, after settling in, a Canadian invited me to dinner with two other girls, so I went and had a burger on the beach. The two girls are really interesting because they're from from Cape Town in South Africa, they've lived there all their life. Anyway, after we walked down the beach back to the hostel and I enjoyed a night in with wifi that worked. 

Actually tell a lie... I tried to walk to subway but I got there and it was shut even though the times on the door said it was still supposed to be open! It was a 15 minute walk too... I was pissed off haha. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Koh Phi Phi: Rock Climbing & Tight rope walking

I laid in bed till 1:15pm very hungover before getting toasties from 7/11 and heading to my rock climbing session. It was £24 for half a day including lunch and water. Nobody else had booked on the lesson so it was a one to one session in the end. The guy who took me, Book, was so lovely and spoke perfect English! He was so friendly and welcoming, he also was encouraging and helpful during my climb when I was knackered.

Walking to the site of the climb was a mission in itself. Up a load of rocks to get to the big rock to actually climb... It was scary and probably more dangerous if I had fallen there than when climbing. He taught me how to co troll the ropes so I could support him whilst he went up and set up the climb. 

It was a great experience. I wouldn't be in a rush to do it again any time soon as it tired me out so much I was in agony. After my first successful climb, my arms were physically shaking I'd been using them so much to pull myself up! I had to take a rest after, then eventually tried another one... I got stuck half way up, and tried for ages to get beyond this one point, but I couldn't find a place to put my hand so was getting very frustrated. After about 30 minutes I was aching so much I had to come down. I decided to call it a day because I knew my body would hate me for doing more, and I didn't want to be in pain for the next few days. My energy was just gone.

Instead of saying 'ok, let's end the lesson, cya', he offered to take me to meet his friends to learn how to tightrope walk at a bar he does fireshows at on the beach. I had such an amazing time with all of the locals failing miserably at walking! It was so difficult that even holding someone's hand I could only get a quarter of the way across. Finally, on my last try, holding guys hand I managed to make it all the way across. It really helps when the rope is wobbling to bend down slightly. Also, to keep focus on ahead instead of your feet as this puts you off balance! 

On the way back to the hotel I was in such a good mood skipping and singing along thinking about what an amazing day I had. When I got back, I went out for a pizza by myself then went to bed for a little bit before waking at 10pm and heading down to see Book and his friends performing their fire show on the beach. Book was absolutely amazing, his friends were in the semi finals of thailands got talent with their fire dancing. It's amazing how fearless they are. Book taught himself.

The young boy I had been tight rope walking with earlier got me up on the stage and spun fire around me. It was totally petrifying and I wanted to run away. The heat was so strong and scary! 

The thing I've noticed and loved about Thailand is that because all the kids can't afford technology, they all actually play outside. They were tight rope walking with us, and hey spin fire too. They have so much fun on the beach doing all sorts of things.

Anyway, today gets a 5 out of 5. Best day I've had in what feels like forever! Nothing went wrong. 

The Zante of Asia.

Holy moly... The ferry over to Koh Phi Phi (300 baht, £6 including taxi to pier) at 8am was the roughest sea I have ever experienced. I was just flying everywhere! Sitting in the bottom section made us all feel too sick so we had to move upstairs, despite being thrown around and getting soaking wet! It took 2 hours.

However, we made it here in one piece. Koh phi phi is such a small island that it was easy to just walk to find a place to stay. We went for Tara Inn, at 200 baht a night each with a double bed and our own bathroom but with a fan , not air conditioning. We then went to a bakery for the thickest greasiest French toast ever smothered in bacon and maple syrup. It was grim and so fattening, but whatever, food is food eh! 

Afterwards we ran to the beach and just jumped in the sea. It was really shallow and nice so we could bathe and sun tan too. I ended up getting rather burnt, but also very very tanned in some places too, woohoooop. Just need to equal it out on my back... I'm impressed with my level of tan already. 

I ended up wandering to SpiderMonkey to look at climbing prices and I'm going on a rock climbing half day adventure tomorrow for £24, 1200 baht. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm afraid I'm going to be too weak! For a while the electrcity on the island went down, so our room had no air conditioning I was dying! A few hours later it came back and we decided to wander up to the view point. It was such a trek and I realised how utterly unfit I am, I was in agony because my heart beats wayyyy too fast it's scary! The others were storming ahead... No wonder their legs are so nice hah. I need to exercise more...

Anyway, off for a night out now! I don't really like Phi Phi very much. It's literally a mini Zante or Kavos. People here are toursits, not backpackers. The men are all gorgeous with the biggest muscles, but also huge egos! What a turn off. All the girls wear full faces of make up too despite the fact I've never sweated so much personally in my life. Tragic.


Back at the hostel we began pre drinks and after we'd drank a sufficient amount of dutty vodka, we decided to see what was going on the bars around us. Lou had some friends at reggae bar and so we went to see them and Lou and El ended up doing a Thai boxing match against one another in full sweating boxing gear. It was hilarious and lots of fun to watch. It's in the middle of the bar and afterwards they won a free bucket each. 

We all decided we needed a little more to drink before we fully headed out, so went to get some more and eventually wandered to the main party beach. It was pretty busy at Slinky's, but we decided to check out Miami bar. It was empty but this Thai guy who claimed to dance back up for Beyoncé was teaching us how to dance like him haha. We were all so shit as we didn't have the muscles to get down as low as him. It was super impressive. 

Once we'd had enough of killing our calves, we headed to slinkys. It was like a section of the full moon party, everyone mentally dancing with buckets of alcohol and standing on podiums with people slipping off into the sea to do god knows what... I had such an amazing time with all of the girls!

We were gutted as the club closed at 3am but we still felt in the mood to party! Instead, we grabbed a slice of pizza and headed back. On the way back, I saw Joe from Krabi hostel. He was so rude and just completely blanked me earlier in the night, so to see him hobbling using his friends for support made me chuckle. Karma eh?

The nights gets 5 out of 5 stars!

Frisky left some beautiful photos on my iPad...

Oh... So did El! Haha. 

Oh...and my beautiful face heheh.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ideal moped location, Ko Lanta

We woke up at 8am and had lovely breakfast at the hostel before deciding to rent motorbikes for 200 baht from the guy next door. After refreshing myself on the basics, we hopped on, rode to the nearest gas station and filled half the tank with 100 baht. The road in koh lanta is perfect for those who want to learn how to moped as they're quiet, large, and well paved, so we had a blast just zooming around the island.

Despite getting lost several times and going up some dodgy dirt tracks, we eventually found our way to the old town. To be honest, there wasn't a lot to do there, so we just ate lunch and ventured off again, the views were beautiful and bike was by far the best way to explore it.

I filmed a bit on my go pro, but when I'm able to speed the footage up ill post it. We stopped at a sea view point on the way back and enjoyed the limited sunshine. It wasn't that hot but that was nice because it meant you didn't die riding the bikes getting your ass stuck to the seat! 

I left the girls and read at the hostel whilst they ventured some more and returned at 8pm. Turns out El got a flat tire so she had to pay to replace it, luckily 5m from a service station! They then went for dinner and I chatted to Rou for ages about our hilarious past identities. Her as a huge goth, and me as a scenemo kid, all about the wild house parties and drinking sessions at the park. Classic angsty teenagers! 

Eventually , after finishing my book, around 11pm I took a sleeping pill and called it a night knowing I'd have to be up at 7am to move on to the next stop.

The room was so hot and the fan didn't reach me at all. I was just rolling around in my own sweat, it was disgusting and I just felt like a pig sweating in the jungle haha. Yuck! 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Jungle fever on Ko Lanta

The girls and I booked our bus/ ferry transfer to ko lanta for 300 baht, and visit the next door coffee shack for breakfast. Most of us got a banana and chocolate pancake, it was so tasty it's unreal haha.

The bus came at midday, and we got to koh lanta at 2:30 after crossing two small sections of water on a barge... I guess money prevents them from building a bridge, but that's make so much more sense! We arrived at a dirt track in the jungle, confused and disorientated, worried we'd been dropped of in the wrong place. However, after a short walk we stumbled into the hostel we had booked, Chill Out hostel. It was definitely not what I had expected at all, but that's because I didn't book the hostel, I let the girls do it. 

The place reminded me of a wilder looking 'Wish You Were Here' hostel I stayed at last year in Cambodia. This place though, was a giant treehouse. Everything was made out of wood, resting in the trees. Within a minute of being in the jungle environment, I was bitten about 5 times despite not having been bitten once on my trip so far! Ouch. I decided to bathe in insect repellent. 

The lady who runs the hostel, Marilyn, was lovely and very down with the kids. She had a new volunteer who had arrived that day who seems lovely too. Our room wasn't ready at the time as their wifi was down so they didn't know anybody was coming. We ditched all our stuff at reception and decided to go for a bite to eat, then took the minute walk to the beach.

The beach, unlike anywhere else I've visited, was completely empty except for us! It also had huge powerful waves that El and I spent ages jumping in and out off, being dragged ashore and knocked over by the force of the waves, it was great fun but kind of scary because it was so hard to fight back. I filmed some of it, I hope to post it when I get to a real computer. It was like being in our own little area of paradise though. Perfect and beautiful.

Once I was disgustingly covered in sand and had far too much icky water in my mouth, I decided to calm it a day and go to the shower in the hostel... Turned out to be the worst shower ever and took me years to wash my hair!

I read for a few hours till the girls got back and then we all went out for dinner. I decided to try a burger out here... It was grim as usual but i stomached it anyway and for dessert had a magnum. 

We got back to the hostel and the lights were so dark, and calm chill out music was playing, I went over to the soft area to crash and read a book on the mattresses and practically fell asleep. After a cocktail with the girls, I decided to go to my room and take a sleeping pill, the only way I was ever going to sleep...

We were sleeping on thin cushions about 2cm thick, with a mosquito net over us in the loft. There was a clear roof before the main roof, and in between there you could plenty of the weird insects that litter the jungle. The most disgusting sight though was a mouse that was going crazy up there. I hate mice and rats so I was shitting myself! Fortunately the sleeping pills didn't take long to kick in and I zoned out soon after. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Hangovers are the worst.

So, this morning I felt so ill I wanted to never move again! I went to breakfast with all of the girls and tried to eat a toasties but I felt so bad I decided to return to bed and let the girls walk the 1200 steps up Tiger temple, something I had been warned was an absolute nightmare to climb! Instead, I returned to the hostel and slept till 3pm, before chatting to the two new girls that has joined our room. When the others came back I was glad I hadn't gone because it turns out Tasmin chundered half way up the climb and they all said it was so difficult, but worth it. As most of you know, my fitness levels are abysmal so I'm glad I didn't bother really.

After a whole of everyone dozing around, I managed to convince Kate and Ellie to get a massage with me at the shop across the road. It was 200 baht for 40 minutes. I got an oil massage but the girls got a Thai one. They're too painful for me! Though this person wasn't tough enoug really. Either way, it was heavenly and I love massages so much that I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed. 

After, Kate, Ellie and I went to the same place I had breakfast in as I wanted western food and got a plate of cheesy chips and garlic bread. The garlic bread was the best I've ever had, but the chips were poor. Either way, nice to not sit alone and eat haha. 

When we got back in, all of us eventually ventured to the roof top bar for open mic night, but it was too noisy and there wasn't a great atmosphere, so, with the guys we met, we decided to all sit on the second floor balcony with our vodka buckets and get more vodka from the supermarket for £5 a bottle and play ring of fire and never have I ever. I shared with this lovely guy Jerry, he's 27 and looks like James Blunt but with a perfect American accent. Alas, he was another guy who got considerably annoying when he got drunk! Damn men and alcohol :(.

Tomorrow we leave for Koh Lanta. I'd never heard of it before but the girls were going so I decided to tag along as they're all so lovely.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Pak-Up Hostel Flip Cup Champions

I had such an amazing day today, best night of the year so far. During the day, after moving to my new hostel room, I met this lovely girl called Tasmin who was far more my type than the girls in the room before. Thankfully she was up for doing something too so we went to Ao Nang. It was 50 baht each way. It was nowhere near as nice as Railay but the little town around it with a few shops on was nice. It was worth a visit anyhow. We just swam in the sea and sunbathed for a bit. 

When we got back, we met 3 other lovely girls in the hostel, all Scottish - Lou, Frisky and El. We agreed to all go out to dinner and so went to the food night market. I'm always hesitant to eat in places like that because you can see bugs landing on the food and don't know how long it had been sitting there. Either way, I told myself I'd try Thai food so ordered pineapple rice with chicken, vegetables and accidentally some seafood (squid I think). I didn't eat much of it at all because it was too dry... But either way, I had a few spoonfuls so that still counts right?

Afterwards we did the short walk to the weekend night market. It was filled with more food and a lot of junk items/ clothing. It had a really nice atmosphere as there was live music playing from several places. At one point we joined in with a small group who were dancing in front of their stand and just giggled swaying around and pretending to know what we were doing. The saddest elephant was at the market too. It looked as if it had been blinded. It was very small and the owner was making it do tricks with a hoop, it was so disgusting and awful to witness. Of course I didn't take a photo because it felt too wrong. 

When we got back to the hostel, we decided we'd participate in the flip cup survivor game, but then we found out there wasnt another 6 man team to play. The guy organising the event was a bit of an ass but eventually he found another team to play and acted as if he was doing us a favour... As if the game he organised wasn't horrifically failing just as last nights beer pong did too.

Anyway, we got a vodka bucket and continually filled it up with vodka we'd snuck in from the shops as it was rather expensive there. We all then took it turns to down our drink and flip the cup, team to win was first one to complete it. Then, they got to a choose someone from the opposing team to kick off... Usually the best players obviously. We ended up winning 5 players to 1 haha. To be honest on my last round I cheated because I was getting such bad heart burn I had to stop drinking, so I had water instead to avoid feeling like I was dying! 

Afterwards we all won free t-shirts and 2 buckets of black cock, so continued to get drunk, sing karaoke rowdily and dance the night away haha. Joe from the night before came and joint us and we spent some time together after everyone had gone to bed, that was fun. 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Survival: Krabi bound,

So, amazingly, I survived the night and even managed to get a bit of sleep! I woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep so just sat on the balcony for a while watching the sun rise.

At 6:30am I got a taxi from the hotel owners to the airport for 150thb and checked in. Again, pleased he didn't kill me on the way swerving through mental traffic. The Don Muang airport has so many western services it's great. Even those I have missed from living in Canada. It had a BK, McDonalds, Subway, KFC, Dairy Queen, Krispy Kreme doughnuts etc.

I facetimed my elder sister for a while. It's nice I have friends and family all over the world because it means there's always someone to chat to whatever time it is here. Is it weird that the person I miss most right now is the person I get to see least? I really miss Olivia, it's not like I get to see her at home as she lives in Austrilla, but I just miss her here to laugh with me at all the ridiculous situations and chat to about the joys of 7/11 cheese and ham toasties (every backpackers saviour). 

**Update next morning**

Oh my god. I'm sure I could have killed someone last night and not felt guilty.

At Krabi airport I stumbled around lost again confused how to get to my hostel, Pak Up, but eventually found out the shuttle bus goes to town for 120 thb. A tasty deal compared to the 500 thb taxi! It took around an hour but the sights were beautiful. 

The hostel is actually really nice given how cheap it is, £13 for 3 nights. Each room has a theme, because the place used to be a school, each room is based on a subject. I was placed in the PE room and apatly took the bed 'Football' due to the impending World Cup game. Eventually 4 others joined me in my room, all northerners. Jamie, Olivia, Duncan and Naomi. We decided to check out Railay beach. They weren't my usual type of people I'd hang around with but I thought I'd give them a try. It cost 150 thb each way from a man outside of the hostel via boat and the boat got us very wet and took around 45 minutes!

When we got there the weather was awful. They told me that they hadn't had great weather on their travels, and hoped for some sunshine. However, when we arrived at the port, it started chucking it down, classic! Fortunately, later on in the afternoon it turned beautiful for an hour, then it deterioted again.

The beach was ok, but the settings around it were wonderful. It was like a mini ha long bay. The photos don't do any justice whatsoever! We had to run away from a load of wild monkeys that stubbornly stood on the path of where we wanted to go. There were about 10 monkeys just going mental, it scared us as none of us could afford the rabies jab so we kept our distance and ran off.

After we decided to leave, which took an hour to get back, we agreed on a shower then food. However, Olivia and Namoi were just being very rude towards me, and I'm afraid to say it, but their northern scousser accent was really irritating me! So, when 3 London boys on their gap year joined our room, Felix, Joe and Ray,  I jumped at the chance to hang out with someone different. We all went to 7/11, got alcohol and played beer pong in the bottom bar. Felix and I were in a team called 'Scarlett Phoenix', we decided this was definitely an upcoming indie rock band name. We totally sucked and lost... No surprise...

Joe and Ray.

Scarlett Phoenix

We progressed to all getting wasted in the hostel bedroom, yet when everyone was drunk, they also became annoying. They were arrogant and rude, especially with Olivia and Namoi around! I decided to go off to find some new friends... Again! I tried the sports bar down the road as I thought people would be watching the game there... Turns out not. Not many people were interested. I ended up watching a bit of the game with another solo traveller I met, and decided to call it a night... Or so I thought!

At 5am, Namoi came in and decided she wanted to spoon Felix and joe together and take photos and shout about it... Then when Olivia came in she went mental at her for making a load of noise entering and started yelling at her for being a slag and getting with Jamie even though she said he was ugly etc etc. the whole argument was pathetic, and they had the whole dorm awake for ages! 

Needless to say this morning I moved hostel rooms, I now in an all girls room called 'Art', and I am Richter. Woohoo.

P.s. I know I need to learn how to use my go pro properly! I promise I'll work it out next time I'm free.