Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Emirates Airlines to Dubai then Bangkok.

So, I just arrived in Dubai airport after a 7 hour flight from London Gatwick. The journey wasn't too bad as I managed to doze a lot. Naturally I'm still shattered as it's that constantly disrupted sleep. I must say though, Emirates are the best airline I've flown with. The staff are so helpful. I definitely packed socks in my carry on bag yet must have lost them along the way, so they got me a new pair joint with an eye mask. There were unlimited things you could watch on the TV in front of you, from Breaking Bad, to the complete set of Harry Potter or LOTR films. 

Getting through airport security was a pain, the were confused by the amount of electronics I have in my carry on I think! A keyboard, iPad, go pro, kindle, DSLR and digital camera. No wonder my bag is so heavy! It was sad saying goodbye to mum because it's different from university. At university, if something goes wrong, she knows she can get to me, or if she really misses me she can come visit... Of course this is significantly harder if I'm in Asia! 

The next 8 hour flight to Bangkok I'm going to force myself to stay up because I want to be able to sleep when I get to their end as it will be 9pm there and soon time for bed again! I'm also trying not to think about my belly right now as I shouldn't be hungry since it's 3am in the UK. It's weird to think all my university friends are getting back from Smack nightclub right now! 

And now I'm here...

Anyway, keep you posted, with love,
Scarlett x

P.s. Yes, I'm taking shameless selfies on my gopro stick because I like playing around with it and don't care what these people around me think as I'll probably never see them again! Mwhahah. 

**Update 9pm Bangkok Time**

Whoops, I caved in and got McDonalds pancakes as McDonalds was the cheapest place in the airport. Oh well, I figure it's better to eat now then to have been hungry the whole plane journey! 

The second plane journey was also fine, again I broke my other rule... No sleeping! I tried to sleep most of the flight as I wasn't in the mood for watching TV and the food didn't sound very appealing. Though that said, I am going to force myself to eat stuff I don't like this holiday, I can't live my life being this fussy constantly!

When I got off the plane, the humidity hit me like a brick in the face. It was 8pm and 35 degrees, sweltering humidity and I was rather lost/ confused as to where to go! There aren't many information booths around and I was reluctant to ask a taxi rank where to go as I knew they'd pressure me into getting a taxi with them, which I didn't want to be scammed out of money for!

In the end I finally found it, floor 2, gate 3 is the free transfer to Don Muang airport via bus if you have flights booked for that day or the day after. I have them booked to Krabi tomorrow at 9am but I'm going to pay the ridiculous £20 for a hotel stay at the airport if there's space there because I can't be bothered to hassle around with a taxi to a hostel right now when I have to be up early for my flight. 

**Update 10:30pm**
I'm in one of those laughing/ panicking fits right now hahah. The hotel I tried for was out of rooms, cheapest they had was £80 no wayyyy. So, I took the advice of the information desk and got a taxi to Don Muang Palace hotel... I can tell you right now, this is far from a palace and I've definitely been conned out of my money here! They ended up charging me £16, when I was told it would be £10... I think this was because they knew I had nowhere else to go and was too shattered to argue. 

The room is disgusting, I can't work out how to lock the door, and wifi is extra money... Words just can't even describe this place... The lights don't work properly and I feel like a scene out of a horror movie. My biggest concern is obviously the fact I can't lock my room. 

I'm laughing/ about to wet myself with fear. It's one of those occasions I had with Olivia last summer where you can't help but laugh... Because crying won't help! Just this time I don't have liv to laugh with me :(.

I mean... That photo makes it look nice actually.... You just can't smell, feel or see all the dirt everywhere!  The bed is like a rock and I've had to take my valuables into the shower with me because me managers so creepy I fear he'll break in and steal my stuff! Thankfully I'm only here another 6 hours. 

I can't wait to get to Krabi, meet people and sunbathe!

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  1. Miss you amber hope your okay love you vikki xx