Saturday, 21 June 2014

Hangovers are the worst.

So, this morning I felt so ill I wanted to never move again! I went to breakfast with all of the girls and tried to eat a toasties but I felt so bad I decided to return to bed and let the girls walk the 1200 steps up Tiger temple, something I had been warned was an absolute nightmare to climb! Instead, I returned to the hostel and slept till 3pm, before chatting to the two new girls that has joined our room. When the others came back I was glad I hadn't gone because it turns out Tasmin chundered half way up the climb and they all said it was so difficult, but worth it. As most of you know, my fitness levels are abysmal so I'm glad I didn't bother really.

After a whole of everyone dozing around, I managed to convince Kate and Ellie to get a massage with me at the shop across the road. It was 200 baht for 40 minutes. I got an oil massage but the girls got a Thai one. They're too painful for me! Though this person wasn't tough enoug really. Either way, it was heavenly and I love massages so much that I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed. 

After, Kate, Ellie and I went to the same place I had breakfast in as I wanted western food and got a plate of cheesy chips and garlic bread. The garlic bread was the best I've ever had, but the chips were poor. Either way, nice to not sit alone and eat haha. 

When we got back in, all of us eventually ventured to the roof top bar for open mic night, but it was too noisy and there wasn't a great atmosphere, so, with the guys we met, we decided to all sit on the second floor balcony with our vodka buckets and get more vodka from the supermarket for £5 a bottle and play ring of fire and never have I ever. I shared with this lovely guy Jerry, he's 27 and looks like James Blunt but with a perfect American accent. Alas, he was another guy who got considerably annoying when he got drunk! Damn men and alcohol :(.

Tomorrow we leave for Koh Lanta. I'd never heard of it before but the girls were going so I decided to tag along as they're all so lovely.

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