Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ideal moped location, Ko Lanta

We woke up at 8am and had lovely breakfast at the hostel before deciding to rent motorbikes for 200 baht from the guy next door. After refreshing myself on the basics, we hopped on, rode to the nearest gas station and filled half the tank with 100 baht. The road in koh lanta is perfect for those who want to learn how to moped as they're quiet, large, and well paved, so we had a blast just zooming around the island.

Despite getting lost several times and going up some dodgy dirt tracks, we eventually found our way to the old town. To be honest, there wasn't a lot to do there, so we just ate lunch and ventured off again, the views were beautiful and bike was by far the best way to explore it.

I filmed a bit on my go pro, but when I'm able to speed the footage up ill post it. We stopped at a sea view point on the way back and enjoyed the limited sunshine. It wasn't that hot but that was nice because it meant you didn't die riding the bikes getting your ass stuck to the seat! 

I left the girls and read at the hostel whilst they ventured some more and returned at 8pm. Turns out El got a flat tire so she had to pay to replace it, luckily 5m from a service station! They then went for dinner and I chatted to Rou for ages about our hilarious past identities. Her as a huge goth, and me as a scenemo kid, all about the wild house parties and drinking sessions at the park. Classic angsty teenagers! 

Eventually , after finishing my book, around 11pm I took a sleeping pill and called it a night knowing I'd have to be up at 7am to move on to the next stop.

The room was so hot and the fan didn't reach me at all. I was just rolling around in my own sweat, it was disgusting and I just felt like a pig sweating in the jungle haha. Yuck! 

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