Sunday, 22 June 2014

Jungle fever on Ko Lanta

The girls and I booked our bus/ ferry transfer to ko lanta for 300 baht, and visit the next door coffee shack for breakfast. Most of us got a banana and chocolate pancake, it was so tasty it's unreal haha.

The bus came at midday, and we got to koh lanta at 2:30 after crossing two small sections of water on a barge... I guess money prevents them from building a bridge, but that's make so much more sense! We arrived at a dirt track in the jungle, confused and disorientated, worried we'd been dropped of in the wrong place. However, after a short walk we stumbled into the hostel we had booked, Chill Out hostel. It was definitely not what I had expected at all, but that's because I didn't book the hostel, I let the girls do it. 

The place reminded me of a wilder looking 'Wish You Were Here' hostel I stayed at last year in Cambodia. This place though, was a giant treehouse. Everything was made out of wood, resting in the trees. Within a minute of being in the jungle environment, I was bitten about 5 times despite not having been bitten once on my trip so far! Ouch. I decided to bathe in insect repellent. 

The lady who runs the hostel, Marilyn, was lovely and very down with the kids. She had a new volunteer who had arrived that day who seems lovely too. Our room wasn't ready at the time as their wifi was down so they didn't know anybody was coming. We ditched all our stuff at reception and decided to go for a bite to eat, then took the minute walk to the beach.

The beach, unlike anywhere else I've visited, was completely empty except for us! It also had huge powerful waves that El and I spent ages jumping in and out off, being dragged ashore and knocked over by the force of the waves, it was great fun but kind of scary because it was so hard to fight back. I filmed some of it, I hope to post it when I get to a real computer. It was like being in our own little area of paradise though. Perfect and beautiful.

Once I was disgustingly covered in sand and had far too much icky water in my mouth, I decided to calm it a day and go to the shower in the hostel... Turned out to be the worst shower ever and took me years to wash my hair!

I read for a few hours till the girls got back and then we all went out for dinner. I decided to try a burger out here... It was grim as usual but i stomached it anyway and for dessert had a magnum. 

We got back to the hostel and the lights were so dark, and calm chill out music was playing, I went over to the soft area to crash and read a book on the mattresses and practically fell asleep. After a cocktail with the girls, I decided to go to my room and take a sleeping pill, the only way I was ever going to sleep...

We were sleeping on thin cushions about 2cm thick, with a mosquito net over us in the loft. There was a clear roof before the main roof, and in between there you could plenty of the weird insects that litter the jungle. The most disgusting sight though was a mouse that was going crazy up there. I hate mice and rats so I was shitting myself! Fortunately the sleeping pills didn't take long to kick in and I zoned out soon after. 

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