Thursday, 26 June 2014

Maya Bay, The Beach.

Shit, I really need to move on and make it to Malaysia soon! I've spent far longer than intended on Thailand. Then again... Last year I learnt if you're having fun, don't rush leaving!

Anyway this morning at 9:30am I left for a half day island tour at 400 baht (£8), including lunch and breakfast. The girls went on the trip yesterday whilst I rock climbed, and I don't want to stay another day on the island so decided to squeeze it in this morning before Phuket. 

We visited Viking cave and Maya Bay/ Koh phi phi leh, where the Leonardo Decaprio film, 'The Beach' was filmed. It looks nothing like the film I'll be honest... They missed the fields of weed :'( haha. It was the most dangerous place to get to as well. You had to climb up this netting stuff with strong waves pushing you back. Health and safety in England would have had a fit!

The snorkelling we did was great fun because they threw out pieces of bread, and the fish then swarmed around you. It was overwhelming but awesome! We also visited monkey island where shit loads of monkeys got onto the boat trying to grab food. I ran away from the monkeys because I don't have a rabies jab. Also, they're super evil here and just steal everything!

The boat to Phuket cost 300 baht (£6) and takes an hour and a half. The boat was pretty big and the air conditioning was great. I spent the time editing videos on my iPad. When I arrived in Phuket, it was unfortunately time to say goodbye to the girls! After, I got a mini bus that took an hour to get to Fin Hostel on Kota beach. There was a screaming baby the whole way that was driving me mental in my drowsy tired state. 

I was so relieved when I got to the hostel and it turned out to be amazing. Perfect air conditioning, huge lounge area with a pull down screen about 3m long to watch a whole load of movies on with bean bags around it. The room also has an amazing bathroom and shower area that are so tidy. There is even a kitchen here if you want to cook and save money. Perfect!

Anyway, after settling in, a Canadian invited me to dinner with two other girls, so I went and had a burger on the beach. The two girls are really interesting because they're from from Cape Town in South Africa, they've lived there all their life. Anyway, after we walked down the beach back to the hostel and I enjoyed a night in with wifi that worked. 

Actually tell a lie... I tried to walk to subway but I got there and it was shut even though the times on the door said it was still supposed to be open! It was a 15 minute walk too... I was pissed off haha. 

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