Sunday, 15 June 2014

Not long now...

So, with only 2 days to go, I won't lie... Nerves are actually starting to build! I mean, of course I am super excited, but I am scared of the alone part. I know it will be fine when I get there... But I realised today, this means I won't see a face I know for over 2 months! How strange. Also, the airport is the strangest part of starting a journey and the first week is the hardest to get through. At the airport, you want to dance around, sing and scream because you're so excited, but because you're travelling alone... You have to hold it in and just do backlips in your mind... NTS: Yelling about your excitment alone in public is a sign of insanity... Whoops!

Gah. I'm so excited and so scared. I mean.... I don't have a hotel booked for when I first land, and I am just so unorganised. I know I'll regret the trip when I first land in Bangkok, the heat hits me, I'm jet lagged and I just want to sleep.... but I have to power through! 


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