Friday, 20 June 2014

Pak-Up Hostel Flip Cup Champions

I had such an amazing day today, best night of the year so far. During the day, after moving to my new hostel room, I met this lovely girl called Tasmin who was far more my type than the girls in the room before. Thankfully she was up for doing something too so we went to Ao Nang. It was 50 baht each way. It was nowhere near as nice as Railay but the little town around it with a few shops on was nice. It was worth a visit anyhow. We just swam in the sea and sunbathed for a bit. 

When we got back, we met 3 other lovely girls in the hostel, all Scottish - Lou, Frisky and El. We agreed to all go out to dinner and so went to the food night market. I'm always hesitant to eat in places like that because you can see bugs landing on the food and don't know how long it had been sitting there. Either way, I told myself I'd try Thai food so ordered pineapple rice with chicken, vegetables and accidentally some seafood (squid I think). I didn't eat much of it at all because it was too dry... But either way, I had a few spoonfuls so that still counts right?

Afterwards we did the short walk to the weekend night market. It was filled with more food and a lot of junk items/ clothing. It had a really nice atmosphere as there was live music playing from several places. At one point we joined in with a small group who were dancing in front of their stand and just giggled swaying around and pretending to know what we were doing. The saddest elephant was at the market too. It looked as if it had been blinded. It was very small and the owner was making it do tricks with a hoop, it was so disgusting and awful to witness. Of course I didn't take a photo because it felt too wrong. 

When we got back to the hostel, we decided we'd participate in the flip cup survivor game, but then we found out there wasnt another 6 man team to play. The guy organising the event was a bit of an ass but eventually he found another team to play and acted as if he was doing us a favour... As if the game he organised wasn't horrifically failing just as last nights beer pong did too.

Anyway, we got a vodka bucket and continually filled it up with vodka we'd snuck in from the shops as it was rather expensive there. We all then took it turns to down our drink and flip the cup, team to win was first one to complete it. Then, they got to a choose someone from the opposing team to kick off... Usually the best players obviously. We ended up winning 5 players to 1 haha. To be honest on my last round I cheated because I was getting such bad heart burn I had to stop drinking, so I had water instead to avoid feeling like I was dying! 

Afterwards we all won free t-shirts and 2 buckets of black cock, so continued to get drunk, sing karaoke rowdily and dance the night away haha. Joe from the night before came and joint us and we spent some time together after everyone had gone to bed, that was fun. 

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