Sunday, 29 June 2014

Rain in Malaysia? No thank-you!

I got up and went over to the taxi rank, only to find out they were going to completely rip me off but there was nothing I could do about it because I am travelling solo and they knew they were the only taxi company in the area. If I was travelling with someone else like last year, the main benefit is that you can split the cost. For example last night I paid 10 pounds for a hotel room because it was a double... And then today I had to pay 10 pounds for a taxi, both of which could have been split with someone else had they been there.

It took 30 minutes to get to the ferry port and it started chucking it down on the way. The first rain I've had my whole 2 weeks so far. This is not a good start! The Malaysian people seem very rude and impatient so far. I hope this improves I really do!

So... How to get from Phuket to Langkawi?
- Bus to Hat Yai: 650 baht/ 13 pounds.
- Hat Yai to Alor Setar: 500 baht/ 10 pounds
- Ferry port: 18 MYR/ 3.50 pounds.

I had the added cost of getting to the ferry port because I wasn't in Alor Setar which was 50 MYR/ 10 pounds.

Overall the trip cost me 36.50 pounds! So expensive when I could have flown to KL for that price. The only problem with flying from Kota beach in Phuket in KL is that the taxi to the airport from the beach was 20 pounds alone, meaning it pushed the price of the flight up to 50 pounds and I would have missed the places I wanted to go along the way! It's so stupid that I could get to Hat Yai, a 10 hour bus... half the price of getting to the airport, a 2 hour bus. Crazy Asians.

The ferry crossing was fine, and when I got here it cost 10 MYR to get to my hotel, Havana hotel. It's a total tip but it's a place to stay. I had to wait 30 minutes at reception as I couldn't find anyone. I'm not sure anyone else is even staying in the hotel tbh! If the weather doesn't improve, I might leave tomorrow. Who knows. I hate that I'm the only westerner here. I know it's nice to get off the beaten track, but it's awfully creepy! I'm going to rent a moped later and explore the island.

**Update 10pm**

Well... That was an eventful evening. My favourite way to see a place is by foot, so I decided to walk to McDonalds as Ive been craving it since I left the UK haha. I got up Google maps on my iPad and began follow directions, a supposed twenty minute walk.

Along the way I stumbled upon a food market filled with Malaysians buying dinner. Again, I was the only westerner so I was constantly gawked at. The place smelt wonderful and it was so busy and authentic! For a crazy moment I almost thought about getting food there instead of McDonalds... I ended up just getting a slice of chocolate cake and 2 oranges. 

I continued along the path google maps advised me to take and I soon found myself following a never ending road being glared at by every passerby and weaving my way in and out weeds along the river bank where the path had overgrown. It was actually really frightening as I had no idea where I was really. However, the scenery was beautiful and the fog settling down made for a picturesque landscape. 

I ended up walking through some rural housing estate confused and lost. I could see a building I wanted to get to, but there were fences everywhere so I kept aimlessly strolling along, flicking mud up the back of my legs the entire time. Eventually, I made it back to somewhere that had people around and realised where I was. I wasn't going to give up till I found this McDonald's and had my meal!

That was... Until the storm tarted and the heavens opened... Pouring heir entire contents on me. I was soaked through and desperate to get someone dry. So, reluctant and hungry, I headed back to the hotel feeling very defeated. I ate my slice of cake and am now just reading till I sleep.

It was such a surreal moment walking through the housing estate knowing that I hadn't seen a white person the whole day, I know it's weird, but I've never had that before! I laughed when I looked at my reflection in the mirror when it was chucking it down with rain. My jacket reads 'start the adventure'... And that I am!

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