Friday, 27 June 2014

Surfing in Phuket/ Danger mouse

Today I finally learnt to surf, something I've always dreamed of being able to do! Admittedly it turns out I'm shit at it as again, I have no arm muscles to push myself up... But, I had a lot of fun nonetheless! Unfortunately I don't have any photos of it because I didn't want to take my camera to the beach. I woke at midday and decided to head straight to the beach, and some guy on the side of the beach was offering lessons so I took them.

The problem was, the waves were getting bigger and bigger as the afternoon progressed making it more and more difficult to learn to surf. Eventually, I had so much water in my eyes and mouth that I decided to call it a day and sun bathe instead. The beach is a nice area as it was very clean, well maintained, and not too busy.

After I headed back to the hostel, showered and got ready, I went out for dinner with 3 Canadians for pizza, then to an awesome Sundae shop where I got an oreo overload! WOOHOO. Back at the hostel we watched Little Miss Sunshine then went to this bar called Surf Shack as they were doing free sessions for females on a Friday night between 9 and 11pm. Sessions usually cost £20 for an hour, so it was a great deal! We grabbed a few drinks and had great fun watching and participating in the simulated waves. It's much easier than normal surfing, but hurts a hell of a lot more when you fall and smash your head (as I did many times)!

Eventually I headed back to the hostel at 10:30pm because I needed to pack as at the last minute I decided I wanted to leave for Malaysia. I managed to find a stand that would take me to Hat Yai, a place by the border. As this picture from the UK gov website shows, they advise against all but essential travel to this area because extremists are supposedly plotting to target westerns. I'm a little scared, but I always assume everything will go well. Whoops!

On the downside, I spent so much money today. The surf lesson was £24, and then at dinner I spent £8. I also spent £4 on Valium and then bought a ticket to Hat Yai for £13. Whoops. Anyway, wish me luck for tomorrow!

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