Thursday, 19 June 2014

Survival: Krabi bound,

So, amazingly, I survived the night and even managed to get a bit of sleep! I woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep so just sat on the balcony for a while watching the sun rise.

At 6:30am I got a taxi from the hotel owners to the airport for 150thb and checked in. Again, pleased he didn't kill me on the way swerving through mental traffic. The Don Muang airport has so many western services it's great. Even those I have missed from living in Canada. It had a BK, McDonalds, Subway, KFC, Dairy Queen, Krispy Kreme doughnuts etc.

I facetimed my elder sister for a while. It's nice I have friends and family all over the world because it means there's always someone to chat to whatever time it is here. Is it weird that the person I miss most right now is the person I get to see least? I really miss Olivia, it's not like I get to see her at home as she lives in Austrilla, but I just miss her here to laugh with me at all the ridiculous situations and chat to about the joys of 7/11 cheese and ham toasties (every backpackers saviour). 

**Update next morning**

Oh my god. I'm sure I could have killed someone last night and not felt guilty.

At Krabi airport I stumbled around lost again confused how to get to my hostel, Pak Up, but eventually found out the shuttle bus goes to town for 120 thb. A tasty deal compared to the 500 thb taxi! It took around an hour but the sights were beautiful. 

The hostel is actually really nice given how cheap it is, £13 for 3 nights. Each room has a theme, because the place used to be a school, each room is based on a subject. I was placed in the PE room and apatly took the bed 'Football' due to the impending World Cup game. Eventually 4 others joined me in my room, all northerners. Jamie, Olivia, Duncan and Naomi. We decided to check out Railay beach. They weren't my usual type of people I'd hang around with but I thought I'd give them a try. It cost 150 thb each way from a man outside of the hostel via boat and the boat got us very wet and took around 45 minutes!

When we got there the weather was awful. They told me that they hadn't had great weather on their travels, and hoped for some sunshine. However, when we arrived at the port, it started chucking it down, classic! Fortunately, later on in the afternoon it turned beautiful for an hour, then it deterioted again.

The beach was ok, but the settings around it were wonderful. It was like a mini ha long bay. The photos don't do any justice whatsoever! We had to run away from a load of wild monkeys that stubbornly stood on the path of where we wanted to go. There were about 10 monkeys just going mental, it scared us as none of us could afford the rabies jab so we kept our distance and ran off.

After we decided to leave, which took an hour to get back, we agreed on a shower then food. However, Olivia and Namoi were just being very rude towards me, and I'm afraid to say it, but their northern scousser accent was really irritating me! So, when 3 London boys on their gap year joined our room, Felix, Joe and Ray,  I jumped at the chance to hang out with someone different. We all went to 7/11, got alcohol and played beer pong in the bottom bar. Felix and I were in a team called 'Scarlett Phoenix', we decided this was definitely an upcoming indie rock band name. We totally sucked and lost... No surprise...

Joe and Ray.

Scarlett Phoenix

We progressed to all getting wasted in the hostel bedroom, yet when everyone was drunk, they also became annoying. They were arrogant and rude, especially with Olivia and Namoi around! I decided to go off to find some new friends... Again! I tried the sports bar down the road as I thought people would be watching the game there... Turns out not. Not many people were interested. I ended up watching a bit of the game with another solo traveller I met, and decided to call it a night... Or so I thought!

At 5am, Namoi came in and decided she wanted to spoon Felix and joe together and take photos and shout about it... Then when Olivia came in she went mental at her for making a load of noise entering and started yelling at her for being a slag and getting with Jamie even though she said he was ugly etc etc. the whole argument was pathetic, and they had the whole dorm awake for ages! 

Needless to say this morning I moved hostel rooms, I now in an all girls room called 'Art', and I am Richter. Woohoo.

P.s. I know I need to learn how to use my go pro properly! I promise I'll work it out next time I'm free. 

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