Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Zante of Asia.

Holy moly... The ferry over to Koh Phi Phi (300 baht, £6 including taxi to pier) at 8am was the roughest sea I have ever experienced. I was just flying everywhere! Sitting in the bottom section made us all feel too sick so we had to move upstairs, despite being thrown around and getting soaking wet! It took 2 hours.

However, we made it here in one piece. Koh phi phi is such a small island that it was easy to just walk to find a place to stay. We went for Tara Inn, at 200 baht a night each with a double bed and our own bathroom but with a fan , not air conditioning. We then went to a bakery for the thickest greasiest French toast ever smothered in bacon and maple syrup. It was grim and so fattening, but whatever, food is food eh! 

Afterwards we ran to the beach and just jumped in the sea. It was really shallow and nice so we could bathe and sun tan too. I ended up getting rather burnt, but also very very tanned in some places too, woohoooop. Just need to equal it out on my back... I'm impressed with my level of tan already. 

I ended up wandering to SpiderMonkey to look at climbing prices and I'm going on a rock climbing half day adventure tomorrow for £24, 1200 baht. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm afraid I'm going to be too weak! For a while the electrcity on the island went down, so our room had no air conditioning I was dying! A few hours later it came back and we decided to wander up to the view point. It was such a trek and I realised how utterly unfit I am, I was in agony because my heart beats wayyyy too fast it's scary! The others were storming ahead... No wonder their legs are so nice hah. I need to exercise more...

Anyway, off for a night out now! I don't really like Phi Phi very much. It's literally a mini Zante or Kavos. People here are toursits, not backpackers. The men are all gorgeous with the biggest muscles, but also huge egos! What a turn off. All the girls wear full faces of make up too despite the fact I've never sweated so much personally in my life. Tragic.


Back at the hostel we began pre drinks and after we'd drank a sufficient amount of dutty vodka, we decided to see what was going on the bars around us. Lou had some friends at reggae bar and so we went to see them and Lou and El ended up doing a Thai boxing match against one another in full sweating boxing gear. It was hilarious and lots of fun to watch. It's in the middle of the bar and afterwards they won a free bucket each. 

We all decided we needed a little more to drink before we fully headed out, so went to get some more and eventually wandered to the main party beach. It was pretty busy at Slinky's, but we decided to check out Miami bar. It was empty but this Thai guy who claimed to dance back up for Beyoncé was teaching us how to dance like him haha. We were all so shit as we didn't have the muscles to get down as low as him. It was super impressive. 

Once we'd had enough of killing our calves, we headed to slinkys. It was like a section of the full moon party, everyone mentally dancing with buckets of alcohol and standing on podiums with people slipping off into the sea to do god knows what... I had such an amazing time with all of the girls!

We were gutted as the club closed at 3am but we still felt in the mood to party! Instead, we grabbed a slice of pizza and headed back. On the way back, I saw Joe from Krabi hostel. He was so rude and just completely blanked me earlier in the night, so to see him hobbling using his friends for support made me chuckle. Karma eh?

The nights gets 5 out of 5 stars!

Frisky left some beautiful photos on my iPad...

Oh... So did El! Haha. 

Oh...and my beautiful face heheh.

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