Friday, 1 August 2014

Bali bound baby

So, we left the hotel at 6am and got on our flight at 7:45am, landed in Bali around 11am (they're an hour ahead). Surprisingly, I've become a pro at sleeping anywhere. So... I was even asleep during take off! For anyone that knows how much I struggle to sleep... This is a real achievement! I still struggle to sleep at night though in an actual bed. I mean - what's up with that!

Anyway, once at the airport we rejoiced at the sign of western food, grabbed a BK a queued for a taxi. It cost up 90,000RP to get to Kayun Hostel in Kuta. Slightly expensive, but given it's peak season and there was a long queue waiting for taxis, it seemed best to get it anyway. We weren't allowed to check in til 3pm so we dumped our bags and wandered down to the beach.

The beach, and in fact Bali itself, is definitely not what we expected. You are hounded everywhere by vendors and it is just as dirty and run down as any other beach location. In fact, I'd said Kuta is so much worse than the beaches in Thailand. The beach isn't even nice! Sure, it's awesome for surfing (HUGE waves), but little else. The water is very cold (and the sun hasn't been that hot), and the waves are too strong to swim in.

Whilst laying on the beach, this lady wouldn't leave me alone offering me a manicure. We ended up just feeling bad for her so I got one anyway whilst sunbathing haha. That's the life eh? Being waited on by a group of guys, laying on a sunchair, getting your nails painted with little flowers to finish them off!

Eventually we headed back to the hostel to check in. The hostel has a pool, but again, it's very cold as it's mainly in the shade. The room was alright, mum kept moaning but personally I thought it was quite nice! We laid down, watched a bit of TV, stuffed our faces with biscuits and eventually decided to go explore the shops and get some food.

I was furious though because I had got a load of Singapore Dollars changed, and he short changed me 400,000 rp (20 pounds!). He counted it out in front of me twice and it was suspicious just from that... turns out he took a load of it last minute but I didn't realize. Usually I'm so smart with things like that, and I am just so cautious about everything... So, that's the first time I've got ripped off out in Asia... I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, but still a ball ache. Usually I always read my Lonely Planet too but because I was with my mum I didn't bother... turns out there's a warning about it in there because it happens so often! GRRRRR.

We ended up getting a rather vile pizza each, and came across a Ralph Lauren Polo shop with large discounts. Since mum hadn't yet found dad the perfect present, she decided to buy him two shirts from there. I, being the soft touch I am, saw a shirt I thought would look perfect on Matthew. Although I'm not talking to him at the moment, I couldn't help but message him to see if he wanted me to get it, then he pay me back, because he had been on at me about how he needs some new clothes, especially some shirts. Turns out he did, so I suppose I'll go back tomorrow to get them. Besides, mum wants to return there too because she's decided that L may be too small and so has switched to XL instead. Chubby daddy hehehe.

Back at the hostel, chilled out on my ipad then just fell asleep. Wild night.

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