Saturday, 19 July 2014

Boracay summed up.

So I'm not going to write individually about each day because frankly, not a lot happened.

I checked into MNL Hostel and it turned out to be amazing with the most wonderful people so we spent Tuesday night getting drunk in the lobby as it had been raining all day and there was nothing to do so the hostel gave away free alcohol and we just played games. It was nice.

Wednesday, again, because of the typhoon there was constant and heavy rain so just chilled in bed all day chatting with the girls I'd met, we all went out for dinner together and enjoyed one anothers company. I went shopping briefly to get some new flip flops (I lost my swimming in the sea whilst drunk), and just browsed around the area.

In the evening we decided to go to the bar crawl, however we didn't want to buy tickets as they were 10 pounds so we just followed it round. I ended up meeting the most wonderful guy, his name is Thom and it turns out he lives 2 minutes away from my university house in September in Leamington! What a small world! Anyway, we clicked really quick and so spent the night together which was great. We went back to his hotel and sat at the bar for a while whilst the bartender and him confused my drunken mind with a load of great card tricks.

In the morning, as the weather had cleared up slightly we decided we'd take the opportunity to go do something together. So, we went back to my hostel, gathered up anyone else who wanted to come, and Henrick, Ryan, Thom and I all went on a boat to go snorkeling and cliff jumping. Its amazing how much the price lowered! It went from 15,000 pesos, to 1,500 pesos for the trip haha. Thank god for Henrick, he'd already done the trip so knew what the price should really be!

It was a pain because it started to rain again, but it wasn't awful so we continued with the trip anyway. Cliff jumping was great fun, such a good adrenaline rush. This one British guy was doing back flips which were very impressive! We were just being pussys and jumping off normally because it was quite high and I wasn't prepared to go to a Filipino hospital or deal with a inevitable belly flop haha.

Eventually we headed back, all went out for pizza and then I went to rest for a bit. Thom then came back to my hostel later and I wasn't feeling very well so he came and laid with me in my sleeping pod and just stroked my hair and cuddled me, my two favorite things! Anyway, he said he'd been shopping whilst I was resting and that he'd gotten me a gift. Frankly, I wasn't sure what to expect really, but then he gave me this wonderful box made of shells that are only found in the Philippines and inside it was a beautiful amethyst necklace with black agate too. It was so sweet and thoughtful. He said it took him a while to not find something really tacky because all of the shops around here just have classic tourist souvenirs so he bought this from a nice jewelry shop for me because he loves the energy I have and how fully I live my life.

That night we drank a bit, played karaoke and then he convinced me to come back to his and leave for my ferry from his in the morning. So, he paid my nights hostel fee then we headed back to his and had a peaceful night in. In the morning we woke at 8am and eventually ordered breakfast in bed to his hotel room.

He is perfect. I mean like smart, funny, pleasant, friendly, generous and flattering. The 2 days together were perfect, can we just appreciate this for a second...

Anyway, whilst I said my goodbyes and left for the ferry at 10am, sure enough, the sun comes out! It's such a shame because Boracay in the sun was just beautiful. White sand, clear blue water and wonderful atmosphere with so much to do. I definitely want to go back and hope I get better weather next time!

I will make it back to the Philippines one day I swear by it. I had the most amazing time with locals and realised how generous and caring a country who has so little can be. I also learnt that despite my desire to drop out of Uni and travel the world instead, I should be thankful for the opportunities I have been given in education. After speaking to children who walk 10km to school in the morning I realised how much we take education for granted. We are so unbelievably lucky. 

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