Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Borobudur temple

Originally we planned on flying to Bali today, but the tickets are now all sold out so we've moved it to tomorrow morning. At £50 each, it wouldn't be my usual mode of transport, but mum didn't want to get a long bus again, especially with such limited time left. In a way it's good we couldn't leave tonight as it meant we didn't have to rush the temples and could go to the puppet show that mum had been dying to see. 

We were planning on getting a taxi to the bus station, but once we were inside the taxi we thought we may as well ask how much it would be for him to take us there. Originally he quoted us 500,000 (£25) for a return, but we got it down to 400,000 (£20) and agreed on that price because the journey was an hour and a half away and he'd have to wait for us for two hours whilst we explored before taking us home again.

The journey ended up taking over two hours there! So much traffic... As there always is in Indonesia. When we got there... Just oh my gosh. I went from Z-list celebrity yesterday to A-lister today. I thought yesterday was bad... But today I had more photos taken of me, than I took! And that's hard because as you can see... I take a lot of photos! No joke though, I had over 100 photos with different people. All the members of every family. I actually had to push my way through them and tell them that I was sorry but no more photos because at this point, mum and I were trying to get a photo of us, but had stood there for 15 minutes with other families and more and more people kept joining the queue. 

Along the way, when little girls asked me, I quickly posed, but then ran off to stop other people coming up too. Lots of male students wanted photos with me too to pretend I was their girlfriend haha. 

It's nice to think that when I'm having a negative body image day, that there are probably a million Indonesians who find me fascinating and beautiful. That's not supposed to sound as vain as it does... It's not just true of me, but of many people. 

The temple was the most packed I've ever seen a place, there was just nowhere to move or stand. No wonder they say sunrise is the best time to go... Before all the students and families get there! It's the worlds largest Buddhist temple and so a huge place of pilgrimage. 

On our way out we were just hounded by vendors. I bargained a temple statue down from 300,000rp (£15 as he kept trying to claim it was hand made and took 4 days), to 50,000rp (£2.50). Then I ended up dropping it further down the road... And I smashed Buddhas head off... Whoops! So I had to go back and buy a new one. Mum got a set of puppets that she been looking for... I'm so glad mum can take all of this stuff home for me haha. 

This evening I was supposed to go to see the puppet show with mum, but my American Express interview was scheduled half way during it so unfortunately I couldn't go to it. The interview went really well though so fingers crossed! I really want this job.... Like.... I really want it, I did so much research for it. I've been thinking more and more of going into the financial industry. I still don't know. 

Repping the good cause.

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