Saturday, 12 July 2014

Donsol, home of the Whale Sharks.... When they haven't decided tomiagrate!

Mount Mayon Volcano, 2462m in Legazpi City.

So, I arrived in Legazpi City at 9am and decided to grab a bus to donsol, the home of the whale sharks, to check out what was there. The bus cost 70 pesos (£1) and took 2 hours. When I got there, a tricycle took me to some accommodation on the beach called Amor hotel. It was a wonderful place and I got a triple room to myself for 600 pesos (£8) because it's low season and I was the only foreigner in the whole place so they have to compete highly for business.

It was strange that I was the only one there because at one point I asked if I could have a soft drink and they had to get on their bike to ride down to the shops to pick me up a drink. Same for wifi, they had to top up this little device I had plugged in my room to allow me to get internet access. It was wonderful how much they went out of their way to make me happy.

As soon as I got there, because I was so hot and tired I immediately ran to the beach 20m from my doorstep. Admittedly it's probably the worst beach I've been to in Asia because the sea was very dirty and the sand was black due to volcanic ash, but I didn't care at all because it was my own private paradise. Nobody else was there and it was like I was the only one in the world who knew it existed (though I bet in high season the story is a lot different). 

I couldn't see the whal sharks as it turns out they've mostly miagrated now. It's a shame but I wasn't too fussed because I was busy lapping up the gorgeous sunshine and feeling like I was in my own private world.

I didn't have anything for lunch because I couldn't get into town so to avoid starving at dinner I decided to take a walk into town. Little did I know it was actually about 4 miles away! I really needed  a bottle of water too as I didn't have anything I could drink at the hotel. I walked along the beach a lot of the way and the sunset was just the most beautiful thing ever! It was totally mesmerising. I soon realised I needed to get back on the road though so had to run through the forest because it was dark, scary and I feared being attacked! 

I worried I'd never find the town, but after what felt like forever of walking I finally found some civilisation. There was no western food available and the local food looked like it had been laying there for a long time, so I settled instead for a fizzy drink and a load of gummy sweets. It was weird being the  only tourist there. I stuck out like a sore thumb! The kids stare at me fascinated and in the end we all laughed together and they made my day. It makes me realise why travelling is the best thing in the whole world. Even though we couldn't communicate together as they couldn't speak English, they bought me so much joy as they were so excited to see me and show off to me. They were paying marbles against one another and doing hand stands and cartwheels. The little girl was very shy so she just kept giggling at me and I just felt so much joy inside seeing people so happy with my presence!

Anyway, after time had passed I decided it was best to head back to my hotel and managed to get a tricycle back instead to avoid the very long and dark walk. 

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