Thursday, 10 July 2014

Life in a ghetto in Manila.

It cost me £1 to get to the airport, and once I got there I was greeted with a big shock. Turns out I had failed to read anywhere, even on the uk government website with visa warnings, that you can't enter the Philippines unless you have a flight booked out to ensure you don't overstay your time. Therefore I had to very swiftly book another flight back to KL costing £60 before I could go through airport security. KK airport is tiny with only two departure points. The flight took 2.5 hours and when I arrived in Manila I totally understood why flights there were so expensive. They have the worlds tiniest airport. The terminal I was in was their international one but it only had 1 departure point... For a capital city, that's awful! 

Manila is a very interesting and frightening city. Coming into the airport, I never thought I'd find a place with more mental traffic and more dangerous to cross the road however the airport at Manila has proven me wrong, nobody has heard of lanes... It's just wherever you can squeeze you go. 

I got a taxi to my hostel but it took ages because the taxi driver didn't know where it was and was confused, he had to ask people along the way. It cost 150 PSP (£2.40). The hostel is really nice, spacious and I have my own dorm room with a wonderful bathroom and good mattress. Yayyyy.

The area itself though... I wandered around for a bit and immediately realised it's not a safe place for solo female tourists at all. It's the most run down city I've ever been too. There's so much poverty and homelessness. There were kids begging everywhere, they were so many and they'd all just surround you, grab you and pull at you asking for change. I also saw what looked like a 6 year old girl smoking. 

I decided the shopping mall would be the safest place around as it's usually filled with westerners... But no... I only saw one westerner the whole time.  He was around 50 years old and was convincing a local girl to come back to his hotel with him just around the corner. Dodgy as fuck.

The shopping mall was unreal though, it was so huge I got so lost. I had the best cheese and ham pastries from the Traditional French Bakery. They had so many shops, from top shop and mango to DC and Roxy. Later in the evening I decided to head back there to get a McDonald's, but I was attacked by kids so decided to try somewhere else, eventually I found a McDonald's inside. It was so weird, they had a pensioner lane so they got to go first haha.

As I walked out if the shopping mall there was a large storm and I thought I was going to be swept away!

I must say though... The Filipino men are the creepiest I have met. Everyone just constantly tells me how beautiful and sexy I am. They continually ask my age too and are shocked when I tell them I'm 19. They all just stare at me everywhere. In fact... Everyone stares at me. It's like they've never seen an English girl. Tbh, girls travelling aren't very common out here so I'm not that surprised. 

Anyway, spent the evening in after my adventure out shocked me so much. 

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