Sunday, 27 July 2014

Jakarta City.

Today we ventured out to the independence monument, it was a shame as we weren't allowed up it due to Ramadan visitors or something. So we'd have to wait till 3:30pm. The statue itself was rather disappointing in comparison to other independence ones I've seen. My favourite is the one in KL. We decided to walk over to the national museum to kill some time, but on arrival after stepping inside I realised this was the museum I wasn't interested in. Sure I love history, but not every part of history, I love modern history. So, after a quick look around we left and noticed a sign for a tour bus.

To our surprise, the tour bus was free! We decided to get off at this market area, it was heaving with people, bikes and cars stupidly trying to squeeze through. As usual, we were the only westerners around so stood out. The market was great for knock of belts, wallets and Levis for men but had little else other than toot. I did end up buying a camera though for £30, it turned out to be shit. I should have paid the £20 extra and got a genuine make like Nikon. I also bought 5 pairs of coloured contact lenses. I love contact lenses, they're so much fun and change what a person looks like so much. Anyone who knows me will know I love to change everything. My hair colour, my eye colour, make up, goth to glam etc. even my name haha. I mean, why stay the same when you can be a million different people?! Far more fun hehe.

We decided to eat at a&w hoping it would be nice and hygienic since it's a western establishment... But boy were we wrong... The whole place was rotting and falling apart, and there was  a bug crawling along the table next to us that made me shiver. Yuck.

Eventually, because I wasn't feeling very well, we got a tricycle back to the hotel and I rested whilst mum went to seaworld. Bless her, her first adventure out on her own! I forget how used to everything I am. My mum finds everything amazing and is constantly taking photos... I forget it's not normal to have 5 people on a motorbike or for people to live in shacks. 

After she returned we just spent the evening in again as I still wasn't very well and the area we were in was very rough to venture out in to find food, so room service was ordered once more and we called it an early night! 

Jakarta has security everywhere, police just litter the streets and every building of any value has security guards. Again, there were few westerners in Jakarta but unlike he Philippines, people didn't stare or point at you. Only the small children, and that's to be expected really. It's sad how run down it is. Even with the security it feels very unsafe.

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