Saturday, 5 July 2014

Kota Kinabalu, Borneo

So, at 2am in the morning I decided I didn't want to stay in Brunei another day but began panicking because the flights back to KL were 50 pounds, and I didn't want to have spent 85 pounds just to spend 1 day in Brunei! Eventually I found a bus to KK but it left at 8am and I had 6 hours before I was due to get on it...

I woke at 7am, quickly got ready and set off to find the bus in hope there was still space on board, thankfully there was and to make things better, there was a nice guy named Matt on board sat behind me so the 8 hours journey went rather quickly. The bus cost 45 BND (20 pounds). We had to pass through 5 different borders so I have 10 new stamps in my passport taking up far too much space - oh well.

We got to KK and tbh, there wasn't a lot to see! Matt, Mario and I wandered round for ages trying to find a decent hostel but I parted from them and went to find food instead. I couldn't find any hostels with rooms available and after wandering around for about an hour, I just wanted somewhere to stay so settled for the shittest hostel ever - The Red Palm Inn.

After settling in I was desperate to leave. I was the only person to have been there in 4 days. I instantly agreed to meet Matt and we went out for drinks, and then sat by the Waterfront drinking before, in our drunken stupor, strolling towards a nightclub called 'BED'. The club was pretty shit because all the locals just stood round a bar instead of dancing on the dance floor making it an awkward place to be. I also, for the first time ever on my travels, felt under dressed! All the girls were wearing heels and tight dresses whilst I was in shorts and flip flops. Whoops!

Anyway, around 2am we headed back.

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