Saturday, 19 July 2014

Kuala Lumpur Day Tour

Yesterday I left for KL at 3pm and arrived at my hostel around 9:30pm as I got very lost, hot and stressed trying to find my hostel called 'reggae mansion'. It's very expensive at £10 a night but the rooms are great and it has an awesome rooftop bar looking over the city. I had to buy a new iPad charger on my way to the hostel after mine was stolen and it cost me £20! I was so outraged but I need it so badly (hence why I've been updating so late... My iPad runs out of battery too quickly using the charger designed for iPhones.

Anyway, as soon as I got to the hostel I threw down my bags, marched straight to the bar and got a vodka lemonade. After I'd recovered I went downstairs to chat to thom a bit then came back up, met a lovely girl and ended drinking a bucket, getting quite drunk and dancing all night before downing water and crashing out.

Today at 10:30am I went on a '7 wonders' tour that I booked through the hostel for 70 MYR (£14) and head off in a mini bus with a group because I was too lazy to so everything my self I just wanted an easy alternative for once. I'm really glad I did because it meant a nice air conned bus to all the destinations and plenty of time to see what we wanted and visit places I probably wouldn't have gone otherwise.

We started off at the national mosque where we had to wear purple gowns to hide our skin. We browsed around but it's a shame because the mosque doesn't allow non-Muslims in. After we saw the old architecture of the city and a wonderful lights show made upon a mini paper model of the city showing it's past, present and future geography. 

Afterwards we went to the Chinese temple and their religion is a lot more welcoming. You were allowed in to pray and encouraged to partake in their religious rituals. We also all found our zodiac animal and naturally posed with them. On the way out of he temple there's a test which is supposed to see if your body is fit and able... So I'm the only one in the group who couldn't do it, whoops! You had to walk along really painfully shaped stones that changed difficulties along the walk. I had to stop near the bottom as my feet were in agony haha. After we went to this pond and it was just over run my tortoises! They were so cute but I felt sorry for them because they were literally laying on top of one another. Living for 100 years in such a crowded pond cannot be fun. At least you'd always have friends around I suppose.

Following here, we were taken to the Batu caves. At ---m high, the statue that guards the cave is the largest in the world and it was fascinating to see how it manages to stand. There were 250 steps up to the top and the caves were great, but I wasn't that impressed really. I preferred the caves at Ha Long Bay. I heard the Dark Caves, half way up the steps, is better, but we didn't have time to do the 40 minute tour of them. We ate Indian for lunch then set of to the next 'wonder'....

So we were taken to an industrial unit and wondered what could possibly be there... He spent 5 minutes explaining how this cup kept cold things cold, and  warm things warm... We later took the piss and realised we should have just stood there like 'really... Even coke?' 'But what about fanta?' Like... That's the level of boring of this guy! Turns out he was pretending to do something semi-educational before trying to pressure us into buying diamonds... As if a backpacker hostel could afford this type of quality haha. 

So after we finally managed to escape the pressure, we boarded back onto the bus and went to the royal Selangor museum to see how it was made... Again it seemed more of a plot to get us to buy stuff as the demonstration was rather quick then we were taken to a huge store before we were allowed to exit. 

Bored of the detours we pondered what rip off laid ahead of us. Fortunately, they were over and instead we were taken to the royal palace for some snaps. It reminded me of the White House but you couldnt actually get anywhere near it so it was a bit pointless really. Just got a photo with the guard then moved onto the independence monument which was beautiful. Around 6pm we finally set off on our way home. After eating 3 cheeseburgers and then large chips from McDonald's (yes it was a struggle, and yes I'm putting on weight), I decided to have a night in and instead caught up with old friends.

I skyped Matt Carabine and Lawrence and it was just so nice to speak to them both. I haven't really spoken to either of them in months, hardly at all whilst at university so it was wonderful to see how happy they both are. I can't wait to meet up with them for drinks when I get home. At least there's something to look forward to I suppose! 

Overall, I really liked exploring KL today, it has some beautiful sights and the weather was perfect. Early night for me!


Old town

Paper city lights show

Outside museum. 

Too bright to look! Upstairs in the Chinese temple.

Me with my zodiac sign, the dog, 1994.

Stone you knelt on to make water come out of her hands... You then touched the water and would live longer.

Saying my prayers in the temple.

Tortoise haven. 

Feeling peckish.

Batu caves.

Intrigued monkey.

Royal Selangor museum. 

Me with palace guards.

Independence monument.

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