Saturday, 26 July 2014

Luge time!

After checking out the hotel and scoffing down a Pizza Hut, we headed back to Sensota village (where universal studios and the aquarium are) to go on the sky ride and luge. It was S$15 (£7) for one go. I wouldn't do it again as it was a big of a disappointment, it was over way too quickly and the route wasn't exactly exciting! But it was interesting to do once. We did a far better track when we were younger in Switzerland down the mountains so of course, anything looks pale in comparison - spoilt me! 

After eating we rushed to the airport. Singapore airport it beautiful and huge with lots to do, but we didn't have time, I'm sure mum will have a field day on her way home. Anyway, the flight to Jakarta took 2 hours, and once in Jakarta we just booked a taxi from the official desk. This meant it cost far more than it should have but it was worth the service. It cost 210,000 RP (£12) to get to our hotel. When we got outside the airport and saw the weather we were very glad we had a taxi already booked as there was torrential rain and chaos everywhere with people rushing in all directions. I know that had I been alone I would have just sat there stressed out and confused, looking round for a cheap mode of transport before settling on an over priced taxi too.

When we got to the hotel we'd booked through hostel bookers we were pleasantly surprised! The hotel was very posh and huge and our room was lovely. We were too lazy to move in the evening as it was around 9:30pm by the time we'd settled down and we were located in a rough area, so, instead we ordered room service and laid in bed watching the dark knight rises and eating hotdogs and chips. Perfect! Eventually, after the film finished we both dozed off to sleep but mum was disrupted during the night by the mosque blaring out a prayer at 2am for 20 minutes!

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