Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mossy Jungle Trek

Today at 8:40am, much against my bodies wishes to sleep more, I set off to view the highlands on a half day tour priced at 50 MYR (£10). It was definitely worth it though. The tour guide was amazing and knew everything about the area. He's been studying ecology for 7 years now in jungles all over the world.

We first went to see the tea fields, then to the highest point of the mountain before going for a two hour trek through the mossy forest. It was totally beautiful and majestic. It felt like a scene from Harry potter or Lord of the Rings. I didn't take many photos there because photos could never do the place justice! I learnt a lot about the plants there and their medical uses. We came across what TCP is made of, tea tree oil, anti-aging products, cough medicine, etc etc.

The guide was telling me about how crazily busy this place is during peak season and the Chineses and local love for strawberries, a recent addition to the area. The demand is so high during peak season they often import them from Egypt and sell them pretending to be from here because they can't supply as much as that. Also, he was expressing his anger at the Chinese men who walk round in the middle of summer with strawberry earmuffs on and little Chinese kids being dressed up as giant strawberries hahah. It sounded hilarious.

I also learnt the Cameron highlands have the highest number of land rovers per square meter in the world because they use them to get everywhere. To end the tour we went to a tea factory to see how it changed from the leaves into the tea we drink. That was pretty boring if I'm honest but at least I know... Hah.

Now I'm about to leave for a bus to Kuluar Lumpar costing 35 MYR (£7) and taking 4 hours. I then have a flight to Brunei booked leaving 6am in the morning so I'll arrive in KL like 9pm, get food to eat and then head to the airport and sleep there as I have to check in at 3am anyway. 

The flight through Air Asia cost £25, then an extra £10 for my baggage. 

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