Sunday, 20 July 2014

Murder mystery reality role play.

Today I just couldn't be bothered to move but decided to go see about a tattoo. The train system is so hard to work out because they never tell you what side of the platform you need to be on to get where! Eventually I ended up at Zoo Body Tattoos hot and flustered. I was quoted £100 for the tattoo which is incredibly steep given that it's only supposed to take an hour! But the place is highly recommended on the internet and it looks very clean so I decided to go for it anyway, after all, I have enough money to do mostly everything that I want so I may as well. I'm not sure on the font, I just told him to make it simple and easy to read and then left the place, got back to the hostel (after getting very lost) and totally crashed out for a few hours. 

Luckily there was some new and interesting people in my room and so we all agreed to do the number one ranked thing on trip advisor called breakout, an odd murder mystery type thing that's supposed to be good fun. So, after a group meal we headed to the shopping mall where it was and grabbed a beer before going to start the game. We chose to do the hardest one called The Greatest Murder of Westwood. So it came as no surprise to me when I had no idea what was going on at all! It was still a great game and well worth the 38 MYR, but I was a bit confused I shan't lie! We were also joking about the fact it's like a saw trap... Which could actually turn into a saw trap.... Dun dun dunnnnn game twist - only one person comes out alive! Haha, fortunately it wasn't that.

We never would have successfully completed the game if the objects we traded in for hints hadn't have given us half of the answers! The girl felt sorry for us so told us loads of stuff we would have never guessed, like something to do with the dates marked on the Callander being prime numbers and only on months with 31 days... It makes sense looking at it, but when you have no idea what you're looking for or supposed to actually be doing, it makes a very hard!

Anyway, after we all bonded really well so decided to go see the petranos towers before going to 7/11 and sneaking drinks into the hostel room, playing some riddles and then hitting the roof top bar where I drank two buckets and smoked so much strawberry sisha whilst watching others play pool and drink that I ended up going downstairs to the toilet and just crashing out in my bed in one huge hungover mess.

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