Thursday, 24 July 2014

New type of zoo.

Today we were in no rush to leave the hostel so I rolled around for a bit (thankfully), because I moaned at my mums desire to always be up so early and active all day when I was used to napping lots haha. Eventually we went for lunch at Pizza Hut and headed on the long walk to the national museum. Along the way stopped in a shopping mall, got a few bits and bobs and headed on.

I really enjoyed the museum and learnt a lot about Singapore. My mum laughed/ found me really cute because I always walk round with a notepad to document what I learn and so I remember it. I know the only way I'll get a first at Uni is if I actually do my research and come up with more obscure examples... And in a university that seriously lacks Asian history, they're always super impressed when people make references to countries like East Timor, Myanmar etc. Later when I have my notepad I'll make a quick post with what I learnt for my future reference and anyone who wants a quick de briefing! I mean hey... Listen to my stories and learn at the same time... What could be better? Haha.

Afterwards we were going to go to the botanic gardens but even by tube they were very far away and we wanted to go back to the hostel before we went to the night safari so headed home and stopped at a market along the way. Thankfully when we got back I was able to nap for a bit. Both of our legs are in agony and were thankful for the rest. My body was very thankful for the sleep too! At least I wasn't yawning all night.

It took about 2 hours to get to the night safari, so if you're going, make sure you leave plenty of time to get there as it involves lots of trains and then a bus that takes about 30 minutes to finally get there. It's a very big place, heaving (but really quickly fades out as the night moves on as people with children go home), and very hot and obviously dark so you can see the animals as most are nocturnal. There is a show on every hour, and the tram is initially heaving, so it pays to go on one of the smaller trail walks first and wait for the queue to die down. I'd imagine it to be very creepy to do alone as it's so eerie and there's no guards around. Also make sure you load yourself up with insect repellent, mosquito heaven!

The show was really good and the animals get so close to you. Even better though was the tram ride through the park, it was amazing. The animals are about a meter away from you, you could probably lean out and touch them. I was worried the children in front of me were just going to run off the tram into the habitats as there is nothing stopping them. Also, at the same time, there is nothing stopping the animals from attacking you. There was no glass, no barriers, no rope nets from the trees that could come down and protect you. In the Uk this would never be allowed, but it was awesome. You get to see all the animals that are never really about because they're nocturnal and I was closer to animals then I've ever been in my life. Best part is, unlike tiger kingdom in chiang Mai and places like that, these animals looked happy with large areas to roam and didn't look at all drugged... Just clearly very well trained!

An hour and a half later and we're finally back at the hostel ready to hit the hay. Another wonderful day.

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