Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Prambanan temples & Ramayana Ballet

We paid 5,000rp (25p) for the bus ticket to the temples, and it was supposed to take 40 minutes but took a bit over an hour. When we finally found the entrance, for a student it was 100,000 (£5), and for an adult it was 200,000 (£10). We then booked tickets to see the ballet in the evening which, much to our surprise, weren't sold out. For the seats we went for it was 175,000 a person, which had a great view. The theater is outdoors and very small, so frankly I'd say go for the cheapest tickets, it makes little difference.

Anyway, the temple is the largest Hindu temple in South East Asia but unfortunately most of it was destroyed by a earthquake in 2006, yet they've renovated the main temple. It was built in the 9th century and is dedicated to Shiva. Legend has it that the statue in the north of the temple is of Roro Jongrang because she refused the advances of a man, said she'd only marry him if he built a thousand temples in one night. The man set to work with his genies, and because he had almost achieved her aim, and she didn't want him, she set fire to a building nearby to make it look as if dawn was coming and thus scared of the genies, causing the temples to go unfinished. As a result, he cursed her and turned her into stone and placed her there. It's an interesting story, but apparently the statue is actually Dewi Durga, the wife shiva. Boring...

After spending two hours browsing round, taking photos and watching the sunset, we decided to head towards the ballet as the temple shut at 6pm and the ballet started at 7:30pm and seats were first come first served and we wanted to get a good view (though as I said turns out everywhere was fine.) 

During the day I felt like a real celebrity. I was tired of the paparazzi haha. I constantly had people coming up to me asking for photos with me. I think part of it was the black contact lenses I was wearing... That combined with make up that they don't usually see. These boys asked me to do a 'rawr' pose with them like lady gaga because I reminded them of her hahah. These other girls were cute too, it was clear they wanted a photo with me, they kept following me around for ages, and eventually one bucked up the courage to ask me haha, bless them.

Anyway, the ballet was preformed in an open air theatre with the Prambanan temples in the background. It told the traditional Hindu tale of the prince Ramayana whose fiancé is kidnapped by another man who wants her. Ramayana fights for her and eventually wins her back, but in order to prove she is still pure and did not engage in sex with this man (despite her strongly refusing his advances), he burns her alive and if the gods rescue her, then it means she is pure. Much to my surprise, the story was a happy ending and the God of Fire saves her. The story represents courage, misery, tradegy and romance. 
The show was hard to follow and so there was a board behind explaining what was going on. I didn't think much of the show though compared to ballets like swan lake as this was more just stepping round the stage instead of dancing so much. 

We got a taxi back with another couple which cost 100,000rp (£5) between us. We ordered chips to our room, snuggled down and called it a night.

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