Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The bus journey nightmares are made off.

So, leaving our hotel in Jakarta at 11am, we were advised against getting the long taxi to the bus station and instead getting a train to Bogor and getting a connection to Cianjur via there instead. So, off we set to find the train station and after paying a huge sum of 3000rp (15p) each, we got on the train, only to find out why the trains aren't used very much... It was the slowest journey ever. It took an hour and a half because we just kept stopping before stations and waiting on the tracks for 10 minutes at a time!

On bathe train I decided it would be best if we actually skipped Cianjur and instead went straight to Yogyakarta because if not, we'd have limited time in Bali... Well, my mum would anyway because she leaves on Sunday. 

When we finally got to Bogor, the train station was mental. It was so busy, people just crowded everywhere shuffling like a heard of sheep towards the exit. We went for a quick nibble at Dunkin' doughnuts before getting in a mini bus tuk tuk style thing to go to the bus station. Bogor is crazy, I liked it because there was so much character. Everywhere was heaving and people were just smiling away. 

Upon arrival at the bus station we were told we were at the wrong one so instead had to transfer to Lorana bus services which was 10 minutes away. As we went to book a ticket turns out a bus was just getting ready to leave, and so they offered us seats on there. However, we were totally ripped off in that it was 400,000rp each (£20) when lonely planet advertises it as 200,000 (£10), but given that we had nowhere to go we reluctantly accepted their offer. It was also an executive bus which is their reasoning for the price. It had a toilet on board and a smoking area at the back in a little private room. Anyway, she told me it would take 15 hours, though lonely planet said 12... But she then said, it depends on traffic, I think you'll arrive tomorrow afternoon. Of course I thought she had just got hers maths wrong. It was 2:30pm, and 15 hours later would be 5:30am, that's the morning... Not afternoon....

So... Turns out she was right about the afternoon arrival... Just not the 15 hour bit. It was the slowest bus journey ever. The amount of traffic was unreal, it was like being stuck on the M25 during a crash... Except there was never an end in sight. It continued all morning and all night. The bus played ridiculously loud Karaoke and was just very uncomfortable and all the stops it made had disgusting food that neither my mum or I wanted to eat, leaving us starving by the time we arrived in Yogyakarta at 2:20pm. 

We ran to the McDonald's, conveniently located a minute walk from the bus station, scoffed our faces and went to get a taxi to our hotel, UNY. On our way to the taxi rank we came across a very odd guy.... He was just butt naked, very tanned and walking round nude on the streets... It was so bizarre.   

Anyway, we were relieved the hotel was nice, mum crashed out for a bit whilst I played on my iPad researching what to do in the area. We really wanted to go to see the puppet show but it wasn't on because of the bank holiday. Instead, to avoid sitting in all night, we decided to go to the movies to see the latest Step Up film. It was ok, but I prefer the original (as usual), we then just came home and both crashed out. Again though, we were annoyingly located near a mosque that insisted on playing it's prayers through the loud speakers at stupid times, not as bad as Jakarta though.

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