Monday, 21 July 2014

The day I almost lost my little sister...

So today I spent the whole morning in one huge fluster. I woke up with a message from my mum saying grace and Alison had been involved in a car accident and grace had hit her head and they were doing Ct scans. All the news seemed to get worse and worse as the story unfolded. It turns out Alison accidentally ran a stop sign and as grace was telling her she was supposed to stop there, a car flew into the side my sister was sitting on, the car spun, wiped out a small tree then came to a halt crashing into a large tree. The police have no idea how everybody came out relatively unhurt and that nobody died. It was all down to the size of the car my sister was in really. If it had been a KA there is no doubt about I that she wouldbe dead right now. And that's the scariest thought ive ever had. My whole life would come crashing down if I were to wake up to a text in Malaysia telling me my little sister had been killed in a car accident. I just don't know what I'd even do. It really put life into perspective for me and made me realise I need to tell people that I love them more. We never know when someone will be taken from us.

It's ok though, she has 15 stitches in her leg, broken bones in her foot, spine & severe bruising... But she's now out of hospital and they found no tumours or anything so it's all good! Just very scary and a painful experience for everyone involved.

My tattoo was booked for 1pm that afternoon and the quote I got seems even more fitting in light of my sisters accident. 'Die with memories, not dreams'. We never know which day will be our last so instead of talking about everything you want to do, do it! 

I'll admit though... Holy fuck. That tattoo was the most painful that has ever happened to me in my entire life and if I'm ever debating getting another one, I give you permission to slap me across the face. I thought I was going to die at one point, it was like someone was cutting me open... It was how I imagine torture. 

I mean... My pain threshold is really quite high, I didn't find my septum or nipple piercing very painful, I mean, I even had my septum re-pierced through scar tissue and it's supposed to be the most painful piercing of them all...

But this... This was a whole new level. I thought I was going to have to get him to stop! I was biting my fingers so hard that I now have bruises on my fingers and they're swollen from how much I was biting them as to a) not scream and b) focus the pain somewhere else in my body to take away how much it killed me. 

I don't even like the tattoo that much, I'll admit it, but meh, it doesn't bother me haha, nothing I can do now! It does look less slanted in real life though btw.

I made my way to the bus terminal and after a lot of sweating and stressing, for £10 I got a bus to Singapore leaving at 5:30pm and arriving at 11:15pm onto beach st. I decided instead of paying for a hotel I may as well sleep in the airport as I'd have to be up early to meet my mum who was landing at 8:30am anyway. The taxi to the airport cost £9 and I set up camp using my sleeping bag liner to put my valuables in before getting in it too in case someone tried to steal anything. It was unlikely as the airport was empty but I felt I better not risk my chances.

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