Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The wet season is upon me!

On Sunday I switched to another better hostel and decided to go explore the city. Quite frankly, there's not a lot to do or see other than shop and go to the islands. So that's what I did... I went and found the shopping mall, had a look round and then enjoyed a Pizza Hut by myself.

I stayed in during the evening and I had the hostel room to myself. I just skyped Matthew and my Dad, it was nice to chat to them both but the time difference here is annoying, it's 7 hours ahead whilst I'm 12 hours ahead of my mum, Grace and Charlotte in Canada.

Monday I decided to take a trip to the islands. I was supposed to be going with Matt and Mario but they weren't awake in time. It was also chucking it down with rain but I had faith that it would clear up. Sure enough... The clouds parted around 10:30 am after I'd boarded the 10am boat. I was allowed to drive the speedboat for a bit which was fun. When I got to the island I went straight into the water only to swiftly come out again when I realised there were a whole load of microscopic jelly fish that decided I would be fun to sting. It doesn't hurt much but it's just really uncomfortable as it feels like constant pins and needles! Also, the further out you got the more large jelly fish there were. I'm dead scared of them after I was stung by one in Vietnam last year!

At the second island I decided to sit under the shade because I could feel myself burning quickly! It just so happened that Matt found me and so we sat together and drank some gin whilst chatting. Turns out Mario was too hungover to get out of bed and so Matt go the 11am ferry thinking he'd meet me at the first beach, however we went to different beaches so didn't bump into one another there. It was nice to have some company there though.

I got back around 5pm and then met one of my new room mates Kyle, and so Kyle and I met Matt and Mario for some dinner and drinks then headed to the waterfront with a bottle of Gin each and just played some drinking games and chatted together. We ended up going back around 1am but Kyle and I went out for a walk in the rain because it seemed like a great drunken thing to do. Eventually around 2am I went back inside and to bed.

Today, I went with Gabi and Jenni to the Sabah State Museum. It was such a boring museum, there was nothing to do or to see and it was chucking it down. With the museum being outside, it made for a very short trip. Also, most of the villages were closed anyway! The girls are really lovely though and it was nice as we headed shopping after as its the only thing to do in the rain. I got a really nice bikini set that I'm pleased with. I tried buying some new bras but all of them were too small (shocker!)

I'm upset because I leave tomorrow and I never got to see the orangutans due to the shitty weather here! Boooo. I leave at 11:30am to Manila in the Philippines. I was really upset because I thought originally I'd have to cancel my trip to the Philippines as it was too expensive and too awkward to get to and pirates are so rife that it's a dangerous place to be as kidnappings are quite common.

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