Thursday, 3 July 2014

To the Cameron highlands

So a bus from Penang to the Cameron highlands cost 38 MYR (£8) and took 6.5 hours. I left at 8:30 and arrived at 3pm. The bus was ridiculously cramped and the stupid girl in front of me... Who had the most leg room anyway... Decided she needed to recline her chair on the minibus so it was the most uncomfortable journey! I didn't have a hostel booked so when I arrived, as usual, I just wandered around till I found one with space. The lounge area is nice to chill out in but the hostel rooms are horrible and cramped, but they'll do.

There's not a lot to so here so I just slept most of the afternoon then went and got beans and scrambled eggs on toast. My older sister would cry if she saw the eggs... The worst cooked thing never haha. But western food so I couldn't complain! 

In the evening I finally got out of bed, chatted with a few people and finally met a group of 8 travelling together in the lounge. They were really nice so I just joined them and we played drinking games all evening. I got a bottle of Blackcurrant vodka for £1.40, bargain! It's so tasty too.

Off to explore the Highlands tomorrow, I think I'll only stay one night here.

 Views on the way there.

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