Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Travel, travel, travel. Too much transport!

Today has been totally draining, physically and emotionally.

I woke at 6am, went downstairs and the guys looking after me at the gas station were so adorable, they had my favourite bread warm for me. Elgin even had packed me a breakfast for the morning! Kind beyond words. They had also arranged a guy on a moped to take me to the port.

Driving along on the back of his bike was the weirdest experience! There were hundreds of little children walking to school or others where there were about 15 children (no joke) on one tricycle. Either way, every single child just gawped at me. Their mouths wide open and fully staring at me. I was told it was likely they've never seen a British person, let alone a white person in their life. How bizarre! I tried to smile at them, but all they could do was look shocked. One even grabbed her friend and shouted 'Oh my god, look at that'! hahaha. I felt like a celebrity.

I then got an hour boat to another island, to board another 3 hour boat to Roxas City, to then get a 20 minute tricycle to the bus station, to get a 2 hour bus to Kalibo, to get an hour bus to Caticlan, to get a 10 minute boat to Boracay to get a 15 minute tricycle to a hotel. There was the most beautiful sunset on my arrival of Boracay though, pictured at the top of this post.

The place I checked into was just the first thing in my lonely planet. It turned out to be a total disaster, I'm not taking recommendations from lonely planet again! That's the second time I've done that and it turned out to be awful. It was called White Divers and it was 600 pesos (8 pounds) for a room that was falling apart, smelt bad and had a door that didn't lock as it was broken. But I was so tired I just settled for it.

When sitting in the bar of the hotel, (it was empty as you'd expect), one guy started talking to me and told me there was a pub quiz going on in an hour and asked if I wanted to join. I had nothing better to do so obliged and teamed up with one other British man. The whole place was filled with white fat British men who have married Filipino ladies. We ended up coming second in the quiz! There was about 7 teams but tbh, he did most of the work haha.

After, two girls I met who live in Vietnam but were Dutch, decided to go to a karaoke bar so I joined along. San Miguel is the local brew so I drank far too much of it and we went crazy singing. I was so awful as I was losing my voice that it was hilarious but so so so cringey. We then went to a busy bar a few doors down and I met this really creepy 44 year old guy, I ended up just going home and skyping Matt instead.

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