Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Universal studios, Singapore & The Sound of Music

Today we got to universal studios for 10am, paid the S$74 each (£37) and entered the world of my childhood! The place was fantastically set out and so well decorated. There were a few different realms, Hollywood, Far Far Away (Shrek), Madagascar land, Sci-if land (Transformers), Jurassic Park/ the Lost World and the Egyptian area (the mummy).

We started off on Elmos space spaghetti race ride which turned out to be one of my favourites because it was just so lame and happy that it reminded me of my childhood, we watched Sesame Street so much. The only thing I didn't like about it was that you had to help elmo rescue all the stolen spaghetti from Sesame Street! But I hate spaghetti so I wasn't too fond of his plans... But yano, it's elmo, I have to help the poor fella!

After we went on the transformers ride which had almost an hour queue, the longest one we had all day. It was an amazing ride though but made me very motion sick, which I've never had before! It was a roller coaster but a simulator kind of one that made you really feel like you were a part of the movie. 

Queuing for so long made our legs ache so we went to go see the Monster Party Rock shows, it lasted 30 minutes and it was awful haha. None of them could sing, they could only dance and it was so cringey even the kids didn't seem to enjoy it! We then rushed to the Steven Spilburg Lights, Camera, Action ride where you stand in a room, and using special effects they make it feel like a hurricane has hit you in NYC, it was crazy. The fake fire was searing hot and the whole room was blowing everywhere and water exploded from the 'sea' etc.

One of my other favourite rides of the day was the mummy, because it was a great roller coaster and listening it's my mum scream her lungs out on it was hilarious, I just couldn't stop laughing at her screams. Bless her. The ancient Egypt section of the theme park must have cost so much to build as so much effort had gone into it. There were so many fake relics everywhere, the only thing it appeared to lack was a pyramid! 

The Shrek 4D theatre show was also amusing watching my mum scream as spiders came out of the screen whilst air whipped round her legs making it feel like they were swarming you. Bless her sweet cotton socks hehe.

We ended up leaving the park at 4pm, doing a bit of shopping, and then buying tickets to see the Sound of Music at the theatre as the west end stage show was on tour to Singapore for 2 weeks. We finally got to marina bay sands where the theatre was and it was an absolutely gorgeous theatre. I really loved the play but the first half was slightly ruined by the most annoying 6 year old girl and her mum. The little girl wouldn't sit still and wouldn't stop talking, it was such a pain, her mum wasn't even telling her off! Thankfully they left during the interval. I don't see why you'd take a child, let alone one whose first language isn't English, to a posh and expensive theatre. It's obvious they'll get bored and be disruptive! 

Naturally I had all the sound of music songs in my head on the way home and hummed along with mother. When I got back around 11:30pm, I saw George jones had posted a photo on Instagram saying that he was in Singapore, I thought the photo might be old but decided to comment anyway. Sure enough, turns out he was 20 minutes walk from my hostel so we agreed to meet half way.

There were no bars where we met though so we ended up walking back to my area anyway and came across a very expensive bar by accident so just got one drink there and decided to buy more alcohol at 7/11 and sit on this joint swing thing and drink it there in a little isolated park. It was lovely catching up with him on travel stories, boys back home, and general life. I mean, GJ and I don't always see eye to eye, but when we aren't being stubborn bitches to one another, it's nice to have his company and reminds me of when we used to get along great when we first started grammar. I will say though, he still mumbles far too much for my liking haha. We couldn't go out out as he had to be up for his flight at 7am so we said our farewells and I headed back to mum and just fell asleep in a semi drunken slumber around 2:30am.

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