Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Welcome to Asia mother dear.

At 1am I settled down in the airport and prepared for the long wait to see my mum. I grabbed some McDonald's but the chicken nuggets tasted awful as they'd been sat here for ages! 

I put my valuables bag inside the bottom of my sleeping bag liner and got in with it so nobody could steal it whilst my main backpack was under the seats I was sprawled across on, placed my eye mask on and popped my ear plugs in and fell in and out of sleep for a few hours waiting for 8:30am to come to greet my mum.

Eventually, I decided it was getting too busy/ embarrassing around 7:30am so got up, had McDonald's breakfast (see a trend here?? Haha) and waited at the arrival lounge. This guy came out who was super sexy and he said hi to me, so I was like er... Hi... Then a load of local girls swamped him and his friends... I had to ask them after who he was, turns out it was the band the 1975 haha. 

Seeing my mum was lovely, and we got lost on the train but eventually got to Chinatown, got internet and booked a hostel then headed on the train to Bugis where it was located. At this point we were hot, tired, and wanted to get our backpackers off and couldn't find the hostel so jumped in a taxi to there.

It was tiny room and had a bunk bed but it would do to collapse into. Eventually we went to Pizza Hut, and mum got a haircut. I wet myself watching my mum being peer pressured into having her hair cut shorter. We then went to Chinatown, browsed around the junk stalls and mum fell in love because she loves junk toot.

Eventually around 7pm we went back home and couldn't be bothered to move again all night as we were so shattered from her flying and me sleeping in the airport. I slept around midnight after thom showed me on a tour of his office via Facebook haha.


Me teaching mum to use a selfie stick.

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