Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Go to Burma, I urge you!

So today, on my final day of real travel before I head home, I decided to treat myself. I left my hostel at 11am and crossed the street to this beauty salon called VIP treatment, and wow... They spent TWO hours giving me a manicure and a pedicure! Talk about hard work. I mean, they scrubbed at my hands and feet, cleaned and re cleaned them, filed and re-filed, worked on my nail beds again and again. Anyway, just when I thought they were about to stop they found another bit they needed to work on - it was endless! It was relaxing but also slightly awkward as they couldn't speak English, so casual chit chat wasn't on the agenda.

I ended up paying a lot for the service but that was by choice. It came to $15 USD, so £9, but because they were so nice, has taken so long and were so careful, I gave them $20. The lady who owned it even treated my leg wounds! She got out some latex gloves and asked if she could patch them up for me as my current plasters were coming off and they looked grim. She then got saline solution and iodine and sorted them all out for me far better than I ever could have done. Bless her, she was so concerned for me. 

Anyway, after popping to the shops to get some drink and new plasters, I decided to head off to find my new hotel so I could spend the after lounging around (as usual) and washing myself to feel acceptable enough to spend the day roaming around Bangkok tomorrow before boarding a flight back home. Sigh.

I read about a $20 USD double room that provides a free lift to the airport. I mean, a whole £12 worth of luxury. So I got a $4 (£2.50) taxi to the hotel... Only to find out the prices were VERY old and it's in fact now $50 USD a night. In annoyance I slumped out of the hotel, unsure where to go. So, I had to get another $4 taxi back to the centre to return to the hostel I was in! Great use of $8... Now I can't afford dinner as I have to pay $7 to get to the airport later and I don't want to withdraw money again. Booooo. 

I'll spend the evening curled up with a book. I've literally been tearing through books like tomorrow's never going to come. If only I could get into reading non-fiction! Problem with non-fiction is that I always want to write down everything I'm learning so I can't just enjoy the book. Either way, it's a good way to pass time and it helps to quicken the speed at which I read. 

I really have loved Burma and it was worth the money. Admittedly I'd have liked someone to travel with throughout Burma, but it has been the safest country in the whole of South East Asia which is ironic because this is the one people had most feared me being in, and I myself was most worried about visiting here. I’m telling you now, they treat their tourists like royalty – I’ve never had to worry about anything getting stolen either. People walk round with wallets and phones sticking out of there back pocket so clearly, and if this were London, it'd be gone instantly. However, nope, Yangon has little crime. 

All I can say is, go to Burma, see the country, engage with the people and see how beautiful it is before it turns into the next Thailand and becomes westernised beyond recognition. A lot of people I spoke to see it as the medium between for India and Thailand. It's somewhere on the edge of both at the moment, and for me, that's perfect. 

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