Tuesday, 12 August 2014

China town, KL

During the day, as per usual did nothing. A few of us watch the film 'the fighter' with Christian bale in. I actually enjoyed it, but mainly because I love Bale as whatever character he plays. Best actor of our generation if I do boldly say!

Around midday, I decided to explore nearby china town. It was nice, filled with cheap knock-off goods, but it was very creepy and I felt very very uncomfortable given what a big city it is. That's because there were hundreds of men around and few women. They were all very intimidating and just stared at me as I walked past, trying to start conversations that I'd pretend I didn't hear. Eventually, it was too creepy so I headed back to the hostel.

In the evening I met three new guys, James, Ben and Kieran. With a few others, we headed out for drinks. Yes, the first time I've left the hostel for drinks! We went to a famous area called Bukit Bintang and just got a few beers before attempting to walk home and getting so so so lost thanks to Ben that we had to hail a taxi to find our way back! Damn it.

Anyway, once back we went to their room with some vodka we bought and drank there for a while before I headed to the rooftop to say a sad goodbye to Jake. Then I decided to get a bucket and just drank with the usual group. Woody was so smashed it was hilarious, all over this guy Michelle which led us to believe he was gay, but he informed us in the morning, much to our surprise, that he wasn't haha.

Anyway, it was a wonderful night as usual. I'm gonna miss these people!

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