Sunday, 3 August 2014

Egos on a new level.

My arms and back... a whole new level of pain! My back aches from the bed last night, and my arms ache from the water sports yesterday. Why do I always do this before days where I can go surfing?! Today I changed to downtown Kayun hostel which is much nicer, but the rooms smell jank. Back to travelling solo!

I ended up meeting this girl and going down to the beach to chill in the sun. I wanted to learn to surf again as the waves are perfect and it's cheap (10 pounds for 2 hours), but yeah, my body aches too much. We ended up meeting with one of her friends and I went with them whilst they ate sushi. They both turned out to be not the kind of people I want to spend my time with really. All they did was slag off all the countries/ people that they've travelled too. The guy, Noah, constantly was on about how 'fucking dumb' all the Vietnamese and Cambodians are... and how stupid everyone is. He also ranted about all English universities saying that we need to learn education from the Americans because our economy is shit and ran by ex-pats... RIGHT. Ok matey... Calm it. Turns out the reason he was an egotistical dickhead was because he had a slight warrant to be. He went to Harvard University, did his masters at LSE, and now works for Morgan Stanley. He still slated LSE though on about how dumb everyone there was... Ok... Blagh. He was just infuriating me so I ended up making my excuse to leave.

I will though probably ride his bike back to Pedang Pedang for him because I'm heading there tomorrow night for a hostel I just booked for 2 nights. Turns out I'm there at the perfect time. The Ripcurl cup championship is scheduled then. They've been waiting for over a month already for the perfect wave and they're expecting it tomorrow! So that'd be awesome if I could go watch it!

I'm still so gutted though that I can't go to Lombok or the Gili Islands. I've found out why though... Turns out its because everyone goes there on holiday for the end of Ramadan so there is no space anywhere on all 3 islands. I heard some people talking about it and they said it was horrible being there though, because it was just too busy. So I guess it's kind of good I'm not going, but I'm still sad I don't get to see it. I will pass through Lombok to get to Flores but I doubt I'll stay there because again, I can't find any hostels.

**Update next day**
I ended up going for a massage with a guy from my hostel and OH MY GOSH. It was just amazing. I wanted to melt in her hands. It did however... get a little bit awkward when she started massaging the area around my boobs. I felt like she was just staring at my nipple piercing. That was odd.

Anyway, after, I went with a bunch of guys to SkyGardens. It was free drinks for guys between 9-10pm, but free drinks for girls between 9-11pm. The girls drinks were also so much stronger than the guys watered down concoction. After 4 of them, I felt plastered so ended up just going to get the guys I was with some. It was one of the best nightclubs I had been to and had a whole room dedicated to house music which I just loved. I had a good time until other guys in the club started getting creepy and I lost my guys! So eventually I just wandered home and passed out.

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