Friday, 15 August 2014

Hiding from the heat.

Today I spent the day sitting in front of a local pagoda reading a book on Burmese history - yes, shocking, I know, me! Reading a history book! (I was impressed with myself too). But again, it got too hot I headed back to the hotel and laid down in the lobby as it's the coolest area in the whole hotel. I began to read we were liars again to piece together the things I didn't quite link at the time and it made my eyes well up all over again.

Finally, hours passed and a tuk tuk came at 6pm to take us to a bus that left at 7:30pm to inle lake. It cost 11,000 MMK (£6.70) and we arrived at 4:30am, overall taking 8 hours. There was a bit of drama on the bus though as this girl had her doggy bag stolen where she'd put her camera and iPod in. The police got involved and luckily they found the group of French people that had just got off the bus. They were really drunk and rowdy the whole trip apparently, but I'd taken a Valium so I was fast asleep. Turns out one had accidentally taken it thinking it was his friends. Apparently they weren't very apologetic and were being stereotypical obnoxious French lads. The police also weren't that fussed about this girls missing belongings until she said she had a US passport. Because she's also got a Korean passport and is from there, they didn't care. But international problems with large countries really worry the police.

All over Burma there are signs that say to be kind and look after tourists, it's nice because it works and everyone is lovely. 

Anyway, we arrived groggy and tired and all hopped into a tuk tuk. I ended up finding a double room with this girl Athenia, who had her stuff stolen, and we didn't even have to pay for that night, they allowed us to check in super early and only charged us for the night that evening. Relief! 

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