Monday, 18 August 2014

Illness is getting worse.

Today I didn't roll out of bed till 2pm, even then I could have stayed there all day as I feel horrid but I knew I needed to get hold of the doctors as my leg was getting much worse and I needed the antibiotics. So I rung them and they eventually got back to me, so I hopped in a taxi there and back, collected it, $27 USD for 14 tablets, ouch. Not awful though.

On the way back I had to stop by my old hostel to pay them as I forgot last time, and then tried finding a hairdressers but none of them knew what blonde was, and once they finally understood, they knew they didn't have the colour... I guess it was a push. 

Anyway, I wandered around trying to find my hostel, and I started to feel awful again. I had tried to eat but I couldn't stomach it and it was too spicy. I was so glad when I finally got back to the hostel, I had to collapse in bed, put the air conditing on full and try not to vomit. I ended up having a really dodgy stomach too and just blah. I felt awful.

I'd been speaking to mum and dad and we agreed if I could come home early, I probably should.

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