Monday, 18 August 2014

Sad news - coming home early!

It is with great sadness that I announce I shall be ending my trip early and coming home Thursday. I was originally supposed to be flying home today, however I changed my flight to the 8th of September as I wanted to learn to dive on koh tao and chill at the Islands before I return home. However, today I felt very illl. Last night I vomited, and today I felt dizzy and faint and had a stomach upset. Also, my legs ache very much and whenever I shower the wounds get a lot worse and therefore it seems silly to submerge them in water for days on end whilst I learn to dive. 

Thus, my parents looked into it as they too want me home and found that I could change my flight for free to the 4th of September, or... Pay £350 and change it to Thursday. I could have easily survived and I told them not to worry about it if it was over £150 as it wasn't worth it, however, dad just really wants me safe and at home, so he wanted to pay for the flight to be changed. I kind of paid £100 towards it because originally I was going to ask dad if he could reimburse my medical fees, but because he just paid for the flight, I didn't bother. I still feel awful about it though, I didn't want them to spend that money, it's my fault I'm ill as I chose to be out here, so it's awfully nice of him to pay to return me home. 

Anyway, I'm upset I won't get to dive but I know that I'll have plenty more chances in the future. You know me, I always have to be travelling when I get the chance! No doubt in the next few years I'll be in an amazing dive spot and will learn then. At least on the upside I get to save money for this year to start university with a bit of cash. That will be nice.

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