Friday, 8 August 2014

Stressful day!

That awful moment when you're drenched in sweat it's even coming off your backpack and you know that everyone around you can smell how repulsive you are? Yeah.... I hate these moments in backpacking.

I swear, Myanmar better be worth it or I'll cry my eyes out. I've already done enough crying today. I cried when I woke up, then had tears in my eyes after I discovered my long journey hadn't even been worth it as I was at the wrong place as they've outsourced all international visa applications now. I spent 25 minutes walking in 36 degree heat with my rucksack on to the middle of nowhere to find the embassy... To yeah... Be told it was actually just round the corner from the hostel I was headed to anyway, and the one I stayed at last time! I was furious. I ended up getting a taxi back to the train station as I couldn't bring myself to walk again.

Fuck. I'm so tired, weak, hungry, stressed and sad. Once I've finally done this stupid application process I'm going to get a strong alcoholic beverage and fall asleep forever. I say forever... Until I get up this evening and get wasted on the rooftop bar. 

Travelling can be a bitch sometimes. No wonder nobody visits Myanmar! It's so bloody difficult I don't blame them. 

**Update next morning**

So... I found the visa application place, had to get my photo taken and print out my travel plans. Thankfully there was no queue, I suppose this is one of the reasons hey outsourced it. However, because of the outsourcing, you're charged an extra £6 for the visa. I was also told the visa would take minimum two working days to process however they allowed me to pick it up at 5:30pm that day! It was kind of annoying actually because if I had known this, I would have stuck with my flights on Saturday instead of changing them to Tuesday to be on the safe side. Damn it.


My face after seeing my visa... I look like I've been punched in the face in it!!

Anyway, afterwards I went back to the hostel to check in, had to wait an hour for the room to be ready and then just threw myself into bed. Eventually around 5pm I got up for a McDonald's, got a sex on the beach and started chatting to some random people and then ventured up to the roof top bar with two folks I met whilst I was waiting to check in.

I had such a great night and it was exactly what I needed. To get drunk, party and have good people around me. The best part of the whole night was when I was dancing wildly on the dancelfloor only tk be approached by Casey and Jake!! They were in this same hostel in my room with me 3 weeks a go when we were all in KL! We did the breakout event together. They also just flew in from Bali. How odd. What a small world. But it was the best surprise as I loved them both so much. Great fun people. 

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