Saturday, 2 August 2014

Tour of Ubud.

Originally we were going to stay in Ubud, but after learning there wasn't a beach there, we decided to just take a day tour. It cost 1,000,050rp (50 pounds) for the day for us both to have a private driver and a really nice car to roam around in.

We started off at another dance show. It was called 'Pemaksan Barong Tegaltamu in Batu Bulan, Gianyar.

Again, it was  play that represented the eternal fight between the good and evil spirit inside of us with Barong representing the good spirit, and Rangda representing the evil one.Essentially what happened was a lady called Dewi Kunti is possessed by the Rangda and attempts to sacrifice her son, however what she doesn't know is that Siwa, a god, appears and gives him immortality. Once they learn this, there's just a big fight at the end with the good and evil spirit. etc etc.

I liked this play more than the ballet the other day because it was more of a comedy. It felt like being at a Christmas panto, I wanted to shout 'HE'S BEHIND YOU!', or 'BOOOOO' every time the baddy came on stage. It was more welcoming and you could tell it was a play instead of a ballet.

Afterwards we went to a temple, but it wasn't very impressive at all so we quickly whizzed round and were then taken to Tegenungan waterfall. It was so beautiful! It's the best waterfall I've seen so far. As usual though it was very painful to get to. It involved first climbing down over a 100 steep steps, then venturing over a lot of spiky, wet and dangerous rocks and trying not to fall into the powerful stream with my DSLR balanced in my hand! It was a long process and too difficult for mum, but eventually I made it, woohoooo! haha. The climb back up to the top was just unreal. The sun was so strong and we just ached all over. Stupid steep steps!

Overall we spent about 2 hours at the waterfall. Mum wanted to see the Holy Spring next so we went to this nice temple to receive holy water and say a prayer. We then sat down to eat some biscuits for lunch and watch all the fishys in the pond before getting back into the car to see the rice terraces. They were better than I thought they'd be, but I'm glad I didn't bother making the 8 hour trip up north in the Philippines to see them, definitely wouldn't have been worth it!

On the way home he took us to the monkey temple by accident, forgetting that we really didn't want to go there due to fear of rabies! Also, I've seen so many on my travels and I've learnt that they are just evil.

Once we got back to the hostel, after having moved to a smaller double room (as ours was booked by someone else), we relaxed and then set out again to Ralph Lauren and do more shopping. We walekd for so long my legs just ached and I began to feel sick because I hadn't eaten all day. However, I was on a mission to find a GoPro tripod attachment. Much to my disappointment, the only store that would have sold it, was closed when I got there! GAH.

Eventually we ate at this German restaurant... I was very disappointed by the lack of Bratwursts. How can they call themselves German!?! Instead I got a regular hot dog and it was HUGE. We then went to a spa so that I could get my hair highlighted again whilst mum got an hour body massage. My hair took about 2 hours but I was really happy with the result. The salon closed at 11pm, but I was still there at midnight, so was the man doing my hair obviously. Bless him, he was so sweet, I left him a nice tip and wandered home to bed.

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