Sunday, 10 August 2014

Wake up and chill out.

So today I didn't do a lot to be honest. I spent the day with peter and jake just relaxing. We hired out the cinema in the hostel for 10 MYR each and watched the film the Conjuring. It was hilarious because we were all terrified. Jake was the funniest as he was hid behind his hands watching it in featal position on the chair. Afterwards we were all a bit shaken up but thought it was great so pondered watching another movie but thought we'd wait first and get some beers. So we headed to the shop and returned to Jakes room to drink them before I decided I was in desperate need of a shower!

Later on we all met up again and watched jake eat in a Chinese restaurant before watching me eat in Burger King (Peter had already eaten at McDonald's, and given I'd had it for lunch and dinner last night, I wasn't game for it again!). We had planned on watching another movie after but decided it'd be more fun to go to the rooftop. So, after drinking a dodgy bottle of my favourite vodka for £1.50, we headed upstairs. We have such a great little group going on at this hostel. Woody, Jess, Robbin, Peter and Jake are all lovely and a few others joined us too to play so,me games and just smoke sisha and chill out looking over KL. It was a wonderful evening but I started to get really bad heartburn and didn't have any tablets on me so decided to head to bed around 1am as I was in so much pain. I'm so glad we party in our hostel though so going to bed is easy and effortless! 

Me scared after the conjuring.

Us sitting in Jakes bed drinking. 

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