Sunday, 3 August 2014

Bali: Watersport activities.

Determined to ride a banana boat, mum and I hopped in a taxi and took a 30 minute trip to the beach where all of the activities are located. I'm afraid I didn't get the name of it, but if you ask around you should find it easily. The place was the most crowded beach I'd seen for watersports. It was stupidly dangerous really. About 10 people parasailing at a time, and so many banana boats and jet skis everywhere! It turns out that was just in the morning, by 3pm it had completed calmed down and there was hardly anyone around!

We managed to get the Banana boat and Jet Skis for 700,000rp, so 350,000 (17.50 pounds each). The banana boat was so scary I was holding on for dear life haha, I was convinced they'd chuck us into the water at any moment, it was wild! The jet skis were so much fun too, mum was hilarious, she rode so fast she was giving the guy on back a heart attack!

We ended up then just sunbathing all afternoon. We came across the nicest bar where we ordered pizza and then you could use their pool and sun lounges. I was laying on this double bed just sunbathing next to the pool with the most amazing sunshine out... This is the type of Bali we expected! Ugh, it was so nice and peaceful!

When we got back home we went for dinner and then both got facials. I've never had one before, it was interesting... but I wouldn't do it again. It only cost 2 pounds though, so no harm in getting it done. I bought some fake converses and mum bought a suitcase because she couldn't handle taking home my backpack. I've given her most of my stuff too! So now my backpack weighs about 5kg, probably less... My hand luggage bag weighs more than that haha, too many electronics. But it's such a relief getting rid of everything in my backpack, it's been a nightmare walking around searching for hostels in this heat with such a heavy bag.

It'll be sad to see mum go, and I'm upset she didn't get to see the nicest part of Asia/ the nicest beaches in Bali! But it'll be nice to go back to hostel life. It was fun showing her the backpacker way of life, even if we did stay in nicer hotels and travel better than I usually would... Awhhhh. I love my mummy hehe.

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