Monday, 19 January 2015

AGH, how exciting.

I have booked accommodation for Rio as there was a hostel sale on, and Brazil is ridiculously expensive. The sale meant it was only £11 each opposed to £22. We're staying downtown by the bars, but its a short bus journey to the beach. It's called 'Magna Hostel'.

I then booked flights to Campo Grande. Flying here was cheaper than bus - that was £65 & 22 hours - plane cost £51 each and takes 4 hours (stops in Sao Paulo for 1 hour).

NTS: Depart Rio at 10:45am, arrive to Campo Grande at 1:40pm.

Here we'll book a tour of Pantanal, stay a few days.

In Campo Grande I have booked 'Hostel Santa Clara, Campo Grande', £11 each for a private room, woohooooooo.

Roll on summer. Had to book now to avoid high costs.

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