Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Our own walking tour of Amsterdam

After waking up at 11am, and finally getting out of bed around midday we went to the best baguette shop, it was three doors down from Starbucks on Dam Rak. After a bit of shopping in Forever 21 we decided to walk down to the National Museum, about a 30 minute walk - simple to find though. It was a shame because entry was €17, there was no student option. Also the area was very busy, but got our classic 'Iamsterdam' photo before strolling back to the centre. 

Classic clog photo

Tram Life.

Heineken factory

More beautiful parks

National Museum

Cheese shop

After stopping back at the hostel, we decided to go to the Amsterdam museum (www.amsterdammuseum.com/tours - €9 entry for students). We strolled across it by accident whilst browsing the high street shops. It was actually a great museum and was made really interesting by the fact it was highly interactive and they had short video clips to sum up the area you were looking at. For me it was very useful as a take a module on the European World from 1500-1750 and I am revising global transactions in this time - Amsterdam was a major port and at one time hub to the rest of the world. It was good to cement these ideas in my head and see what products they specialised in. Also it was interesting to learn more about the revolt against King and Church in Amsterdam as they rejected Catholicism in 1578. With this, abandoned allegiance to the Spanish King Philip II in a somewhat revolution. In more modern days, Amsterdam has been at the forefront of change, for example the Netherlands was the first place to allow gay marriage in 2001. 

After eating dinner, we went to the Anne Frank museum. We had to wait for 50 minutes in slight drizzle, huge queue and very irritating having people push in. The queue was huge and you have to book about two months in advance as there are very limited tickets available. Personally I don't think it was worth the wait or money but maybe that's because I don't follow the Anne Frank story enough. But the reality was, you were looking round an empty unfurnished house with quotes from the book on the wall and the occasional video - all of which you could have easily seen online. But each to their own!

Amsterdam museum.

Queue for Anne Frank museum 

In the evening we went out with the two girls from our hostel to a few coffee shops along with these two Portuguese guys we had met. We just had a few drinks, chilled out and had a quiet night before going home (with the best chips ever of course €3 for heaven! Their mayo is weirdly amazing) at 12:30am.


Best chips I've ever had and best mayo...

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