Friday, 27 March 2015

Planning a trip to Amsterdam? Personal Budget for 3 Days/ 2 Nights.

Tips/ Advice
  • Central Station Hostel is an amazing choice, very cheap and in the best location possible (right by Dam Square, the centre of all activities). My main criticism is that it really lacked a social side - so if you're travelling alone may want to consider the Downtown Flying Pig Hostel - considerably more expensive but buzzing atmosphere.
  • Attractions, in general, are very expensive such as National Museum, Ice Bar, Dungeons, Madame Tussauds, Artis Zoo, Heineken Experience etc. were all between €17-€30, not really great for a backpacker budget - may be best to stick to similar attractions as I did below. 
  • Note: Amsterdam Museum and National Museum are different, and the former is considerably cheaper but great.
  • If you plan on going to Anne Frank's house, remember to book in advance, they sell out up to two months in advance.
  • You cannot smoke tobacco inside any venues including coffee shops, so, if you want to roll a joint, most offer a herbal alternative... However, lots of people just hide the tobacco and add it in - this is frowned upon though despite the fact pre-rolled joints include it.
  • Avoid buying pre-rolled joints because they know tourists will buy these and so do not have much cannabis in them.
  • Don't bother buying a tram pass, once you're in the centre, it's easy to walk around or bike. 

Own Experience
- Megabus return to Amsterdam: £40
- Return from Colchester to London Victoria (including underground): £27
- Tram for 1 hour into centre: €2.90  (£2.15)
- Tram for 1 hour into centre: €2.90  (£2.15)
Overall spent on transport £71.30

Spending money
Central Station Hostel per nights: £15
Overall spent on accommodation: £30

Attractions/ Museums
Red Lights District Museum: €8
               (4 out of 5 stars - Interesting background story to the industry).
- Erotica Museum: €7
               (1 out of 5 stars - Expensive and over-rated).
- Sex Museum: €4
               (3 out of 5 stars - Good value for money, bit too graphic).
- History of Amsterdam Museum: €9 (Student)/ €12 Adult.
               (5 out of 5 stars - Good price, very interactive, interesting for everyone).
- Nemo Science Museum: €7.50 (Student fare)/ €15 Adult fare
               (3 out of 5 stars - Great if you're a child, or to bring out the child in you or remember things from your past).
- Anne Frank House: €9
               (2 out of 5 stars - Queue was too long, not a lot to actually see at all).
- Cannabis College: €3
               (2 out of 5 stars - Educational and friendly people)
- Amsterdam Red Light Bar Crawl: €16
                (4 out of 5 stars - It wasn't busy enough but the number of free drinks made it worth the money.)
Overall spent on attractions: €63.50 (£46.55)

Amount spent on alcohol for one night (excluding price of bar crawl/ free shots): €24 (£17.58)
- Coffee-Shops: €10 (£7.33)
- Food & Drink: £43.54

Overall for 3 days, 2 night
Spending money (£145) + Transport (£71.30)
Overall Trip: £216.30

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