Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Science & Sex Museums.

Having to check out at 10am meant we had to entertain ourselves till 9pm when megabus picked us up. Firstly we went to get breakfast, did a little shopping and then waited for the other two girls to get ready before heading off to Nemo Science Centre (€7.50 for students). It's clearly designed for kids, and somewhere I would have absolutely loved at 6 years old. In fact, I went to a similar museum in Boston when I was little. There were lots of fun activities to do and primary school children everywhere. Even a little sex section. 

Have some facts:
- About 20% of boys have their first ejaculation at night time, 60% while masturbating and 15% during love making.
- When you come, sperm leaves your penis at a speed of about 45km per hour
- An adult man has about 4 to 5 erections every night during his sleep. The average night time erection takes about 45 minutes.

The almighty boat dreams are made of.

Nemo science centre.

Bubbles around me.

Attempting to pull myself up with one pulley... not happening at all.

Lifting myself up with 3 pulleys - no problemo.

Me at 60 years Old apparently... Worrying!

Quote of the Day

Don't forget lads.

On our way back to the hostel, we stopped at the sex museum (€4 each). It was actually very graphic and sickening at points. They had many graphic photos of women urinating over men and just general debauched behaviour. I know sex is natural, but it was very grim to look at! An hour passed and we left attempting to find another coffee shop in the area. They all appeared to be closed by finally found one called City Hall Coffeeshop and sat there for a few hours to kill some time. We all had dinner then chilled out in the hostel room on the floor and eventually ran to central station to get the tram to the bus station. Unfortunately, we left it very last minute and we even went past the stop we were supposed to get off at, and so the time turned to 9:02pm... With our bus supposed to be departing at 9pm, Lizzie was panicking like mad... Fortunately, I've become so accustomed to travelling that it didn't really phase me as I know at the end of the day, you get unlucky sometimes and there's always a way to solve it. But, it was great because we got there about 5 minutes late but it had been waiting for us. Usually I would NEVER leave it that last minute to get a bus, but because Lizzie gets so cold, I didn't want her to be standing around.

We got off the ferry at 4am, got into London at 8am, got to Liverpool street for 8:30am, had a quick McDonalds breakfast and was home by 11am, perfect! Nice little trip away.

Goodbye coffee-houses.

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