Friday, 18 December 2015

My Bucket List

 With dreams so big - It's great to keep track! 
1.     Go on a yoga retreat in a beautiful country (2013, Chang Mai, Thailand)
2.      Climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa (2010)
3.     Climb a mountain (2016, Clouds Rest in Yosemite NP) 
4.     Visit Niagara Falls (2001)
5.     Visit the pyramids in Egypt and strike an ancient Egyptian pose
6.     Visit Iguazú Falls (2015) 
7.     Visit Grand Canyon
8.     Go to Russia - Moscow and St Petersburg (and see a ballet)
9.     See the Northern Lights
10.  Road trip across the USA 
11.  See Mount Everest
12.  Visit the Taj Mahal
13.  Visit Rio and see Christ the Redeemer (2015)
14.  Spend 'spring break' in Cacun. 
15.  Spend christmas in New York
16.  Spend christmas in Lapland
17. Visit the Great Wall of China
18.  Fight wild bears in the Colosseum, Rome... Ok, maybe not fight bears. (2010)
19.  Try sushi in Japan
20.  See Kilimanjaro and stare in awe. 
21.  Bungee Jump off a bridge
22.  Sky Dive (2015, Igauzu Falls)
23.  Eat steak & Learn to Tango (separately of course) in Buenos Aries. (2015)
24.  Visit every country in South-East Asia (2014 completed)
25.  Visit every country in South America
26.  Visit every US State (and be able to name them all 2015)
27.  Fly in a hot air balloon
28.  Ride a horse (2015, Campo Grande, Brazil) 
29.  Go paragliding
30.  Run a marathon in Big Sur 
31.  Learn to knit whilst bored on a bus
32.  Attend a film premier 
33.  Gain a scuba diving qualification (2016, Koh Tao)
34.  Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
35.  Dive off a cliff (2014, Philippines) 
36.  Reach 1000 likes on facebook for my blog
37.  Make £100 from my blog
38.  Learn to speak a language/ improve on my existing
39.  Sleep under the stars in a hammock or see-through pod 
40.  Try local cuisine in chile. (2015, traditional BBQ in Santiago) 
41.  Visit Machu Picchu and get an iconic photo (2015)
42.  Go to the white house and big Abe. (2016, Washington)
43.  Go to Miami and sing 'I'm in Miami bitch' (2015)
44.  Have an article published in a well-known publication (one for History and one for travel)
45.  Learn to cook an authentic Thai dish
46.  Visit Hanoi & Saigon to remember the Vietnam War/ learn more about the history. (2013)
47.  Go chill on a beach in the Philippines (2014)
48.  Go to Bali and learn to surf (2014)
49.  Go to the Full Moon Party (2013)
50.  Learn to say hello in 15 languages (currently on 9 : Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag, Sabaidi, Sawasdee Ka, Chao, Ni Hao, Ciao)
51.  Go to the Galapagos Islands and pretend I'm Charles Darwin
52.  Drink from a coconut in Barbados 
53.  Visit the Amazon (or pantanal) and see a monkey (2015, Campo Grande)
54.  Ride an elephant (2013, Chang Mai, Thailand)
55.  Go on a safari in Africa
56.  Go whale watching
57.  Swim with sharks (Well, Great Barrier Reef I saw sharks while swimming - counts).
58.  See the sunset in Bagan (2014)
59.  Ride route 66 singing 'Life is a highwayyyyy'
60.  Moped through the mountains (2014)
61.  Drive the Great Ocean Road in Australia. 
62.  Go on a cruise *(2013, Ha Long Bay - would like to improve this though!)
63.  Go Volcano Boarding
64.  See the waterfalls in Croatia 
65.  Explore Auschwitz 
66.  Swim with dolphins 
67.  See the Golden Gate Bridge (2016)
68.  Spend too much money in a Casino in Las Vegas (2016)
69.  Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend Arizona
70.  Go skiing in Salt Lake City and pretend I'm on Getting There with Mary-Kate & Ashley
71.  Visit Salt Flats and pretend I'm Capitan Jack Sparrow (2015, Bolivia)
72.  See a penguin in its natural habitat 
73.  Poop myself on the swing at the edge of the world in Ecuador
74.  Drive the Romantic Road in Germany and visit Neuschwanstein's castle
75.  Go to an authentic christmas market in Germany
76.  Take a Gondola ride in Venice (again - because I don't remember it from when I was little!)
77.  Go snowboarding in Canada (obviously not in Ontario where I used to live - but somewhere like Whistler!)
78.  Visit Lake Louise (2016)
79.  Swim in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland
80.  Go to Barcelona's cathedral and pray
81.  Visit the Parthenon in Athens  (2012)
82.  Skinny dip in the ocean (2014, Philippines) 
83.  Cry my eyes out cycling down Death Road in Bolivia (2015)
84.  Go to Carnival in Brazil
85.  Go to October Fest in Berlin
86.  Go tubing in Vang Vieng (2013) 
87.  Experience proper white water rafting (not the rubbish I did in Thailand haha)
88.  See Petra (2017)
89.  See Laguna Verde, Bolivia 
90.  Visit Victoria Falls
91.  Rock-climb somewhere awesome (2014, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand).
92.  Go to Delhi and avoid Delhi Belly
93.  Swim in the Red Sea
94.  Go to Tibet and pretend I'm barbie from the PS1 game I used to play
95.  Spend a night in an igloo 
96.  Uluru, Australia
97.  Ride the Trans-Siberian rail-way 
98.  Explore a ship-wreck (the awful one I visited in Zante doesn't count)
99.  Visit all continents
100. Visit 100 countries

1.     Be at the birth of penguins in Antarctica 
2.     Witness the dawn - wild camp at Gisborne, NZ
3.     Listen to live music at Sydney opera house 
4.     Go to a rodeo 
5.     Go to a Hungarian bathhouse
6.   Kayak at Kaikoura, NZ
7.     Take a waterfall shower at Rainbow falls, NZ and Lower Ddwli falls, Brecon Beacons, Wales 
8.     Go to the Black Forest in Germany for a picnic 
9.     Do the Glacier Skywalk in Jasper NP, Canada
10.  Go to Kentucky Derby
11.  See Australian football in Melbourne 
12.  Watch the Rugby, NZ
13. Walk the Appalachian trail 
14.  Sleep in a castle 
15.  Try out Boom Chicago in the USA
16.  Go to a cosplay pub in Tokyo Japan.
17.  Go to dia de lots muertes in Mexico 
18.  Climb half dome
19.  Sleep in Smithsonian, DC overnight 
20.  Sleep in an ice hotel
21.  Race in a bobsleigh Norway 
22.  Steam train - Durango & Silverton, USA
23.  Climb a volcano (Kilauea or Mt St Helena)
24.  Road trip - Blue Ridge Parkway
25.  Safari in Africa 
26.  See wife carrying on Finland 
27.  Hunt Nessie in Scotland
28.  Hunt yeti Himalayas 
29.  Drive in autumn through the white mountains
30.  House swap 
31.  Go to Kopan Monastery, Nepal


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  1. Its a pretty adventurous bucket list. I can help u to strike off 1 & 92.