Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Insurance & Jabs!

With only a few days to go, I figured I best get my insurance done. I kept putting it off because the price was just heartbreaking, but I've been working so much the past two weeks that I figured it was about time.

I used Insure & Go, have hazardous activities covered, but not valuables. Also, because I have medical conditions (depression and insomnia) that I take medication for, I had to pay an excess. I also included my trip to the USA after for a month. Overall it came to £131.88 - the medical conditions cost an extra £40, and the extension to activities covered cost an extra £20.

Matthew and I got jabs at Boots pharmacy over a month a go now. I only needed to have yellow fever - it was a requirement for many countries. It cost me £58 including certificate. Matt has spent around £40 on malaria tablets - however, we're only in a high risk area for about 2 days so I'm just going to cover up/ spray lots. I can't justify the price for the little risk. Also, the tablets made me so ill in Asia that I couldn't take them anyway.

Here's a quick outline of what I've spent before I've even left! (Sad times):
- £150 random travel items - fleeces, travel towel, toiletries, bags, chargers, backpack etc.
- £60 jabs
- £130 insurance

= £340

I am very excited to be leaving so soon.... 3 days, 13 hours and 51 minutes. I mean, I truly am gutted about the weather, I hope South America is still busy with tourists! Who wants to go there at this time of year.... Hopefully other students. I'll keep you posted on that....At least when I go to Texas/ Florida/ Louisiana the weather is amazing!

I have already encountered a problem with travelling with another person around South America though.... Because of the weather I was contemplating a detour from Peru up through Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela - but Matt has refused the plan.... Knowing me, I'd make a last minute decision in Peru and just change route - but we'll see eh.... I'll work on it.

If you're bored - check out my arrival in Bangkok last year.... 'Hilarious' moment where I was definitely unprepared/ felt like I was going to be murdered....  http://www.nevertooyoungtotravel.co.uk/2014/06/emirates-airlines-to-dubai-then-bangkok.html

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